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ENGLISH surname (and variations) Y-chromosome DNA Testing project
Open to all males born with the surname ENGLISH (Englis, Inglish, Inglis)

Recent advances in DNA technology have provided us with some powerful tools to investigate our family ancestry, especially effective with regard to lines that have been difficult or even impossible to resolve using traditional genealogical methods.
Y-chromosome DNA Testing as a Tool in Genealogy
  The English surname Y-DNA project was launched in October 2004 to provide researchers with the resource of DNA testing with the objective to identify others with the surname ENGLISH who are related. We can, through DNA testing of male family members, determine if two people are related, we can determine if two people descend from the same common ancestor. Also, we can find out if we are related to others who share our surname. DNA testing can prove, or disprove, your family tree research. In addition, testing will provide clues about ethnic origin. This Study is extended to include all males with surname English, Englis, Inglish, Inglis.  
  Success of the English surname Y-DNA project depends on the number of participants who join the testing group. We ask that you encourage family researchers to join in and have representatives from their ENGLISH families test. Y-DNA testing is done only through males who carry the surname ENGLISH, or were born with the surname. Women researchers can participate by finding a willing ENGLISH male relative (grandfather, father, uncle, brother, cousin) to submit DNA for the family line.  
What can Y-DNA Testing tell us?
  New tests created in recent years have turned DNA into an effective tool for determining ancestry. As DNA is passed down from one generation to the next, there are parts that remain almost unchanged, while other parts change greatly. This creates an unbreakable link between generations and it can be a powerful tool for us to use in reconstructing our family histories. While it can't provide us with our entire family tree or tell you who our ancestors are, DNA testing can:  
  • Identify others who are related
  • Prove or disprove theories regarding ancestors
  • Solve brick walls in your research
  • Determine a location for further research
  • Validate existing research
Verifying genealogical links or disproving blood ties
  The results from DNA analysis can be beneficial to family historians by either verifying genealogical links or disproving blood ties. When Y-DNA samples are analyzed with samples of people with the same, or variations of the same, surnames - no matter their location - participants may discover kinship that goes back in time much further than traditional documentary evidence can prove.  
  Home DNA test kits are ordered over the Internet and sent through the mail. Testing is easy and is done simply by scraping a swab on this inside of the mouth to collect sample cells. You send the sample back in the mail and within a month or two you receive the results. These results are a series of numbers that represent the key chemical markers within your DNA. These numbers can then be added to the database and compared to results from other individuals to help determine your ancestry.  
About Us
  The ENGLISH Project Web site: You have reached the ENGLISH surname Y-DNA Project Web site. Our hope is to add information to this Web site to help inform interested ENGLISH researchers about the basics of DNA testing and how to join in. The project is underway and we are seeking interested participants. The focus of this DNA Project is the surname English & Variations. The project administrators are Georgia Kinney Bopp & Barbara English West, and we hope to bring our individual talents to this endeavor.  
  About the ENGLISH Project Administrators: <>Georgia Kinney Bopp is an experienced DNA surname project administrator and maintains a Web site that includes family genealogy and informative DNA project notes. She has recently been quoted in the book; "Trace Your Roots with DNA : Using Genetic Tests to Explore Your Family Tree" by Megan Smolenyak and Ann Turner, now available. <>Barbara English West is the Web designer & author for this site, and Web spinner for the English Plantation Web site that is devoted to compiling and posting ENGLISH surname data and records, etc. Both Georgia and Barbara are ENGLISH family descendants (although from unrelated lines --as far as we know) ... both experienced and avid researchers, and convinced in the value of the pioneering concept of using DNA to research our elusive ancestors. If not our generation, perhaps those that come behind us will reap the benefits of this DNA pioneer project.

Interested in Joining the Project?

We ask that you begin by reading the FAQs posted on this site.
English surname Y-DNA project FAQs

ENGLISH Surname Project was established with Family Tree DNA on 4 October 2004

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