Worksheet - FAMILY GROUP 6
Group 6 -- No shared paper trail. E-0027 traces to c.1754 Conn. USA and by 1775 in Washington Co. NY; E-0032 traces to 1807 Washington Co. NY
c.1750- c1775-
c.1800- c.1825- c.1850- c.1875- c.1900- c.1925 on
[E-0027] USA
New York
  Luke English
b. 1754
Connecticut , USA
d. 1812
Hamilton, Madison, NY
Jonathan English
b. 1775
Easton, Washington, NY
d. 1853
Broome Co, NY
Clark English
b. 1809
Easton, Washington, NY
d. 1881
Barker, Broome, NY
William Walter English, Sr.
b. 1834
Greene, Chenango, NY
d. 1899
Greene, Chenango, NY
William Walter English, Jr.
b. 1887
Greene, Chenango, NY
d. 1956
Greene, Chenango, NY
b. 1927
Greene, Chenango, NY
[E-0032] USA
New York

William English
b. bef. 1791 **
d. unknown
Daniel D. English
b. 1807
Washington, NY
d. 1874
Cattaraugus Co., NY
Oscar English
b. 1839
Dayton, Cattaraugus, NY
d. 1930
Dayton, Cattaraugus, NY
Bert Leone English
b. 1869
Dayton, Cattaraugus, NY
d. 1947
Gowanda, NY
Gerald Downing English
b. 1913
Dayton, Cattaraugus, NY
d. 1960
Perrysburg, Chautauqua, NY
      ** William English was born before 1791 based on a timeframe that he was at least 15 years old when he fathered his son Daniel.  Could be much earlier depending on when he started having children, and what birth order Daniel was.  A birth date range of 1750-1791 is possible for William English.
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