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Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) Privacy Policy - 2010
Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) - Legal Issues

Family Tree DNA follows stringent policies for protecting your privacy according to state legislation guidelines. We control the Surname Database Library and genetic testing scores. Both the University of Arizona testing lab and our Genomics Research Center follow strict guidelines to ensure your privacy is maintained. Only limited information is shared with the testing facility

In addition to the PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT below, Family Tree DNA also adheres to the following SAFE HARBOR PRIVACY STATEMENT in connection with the transfer and protection of "personal information" received from the European Union (EU) or Switzerland.

Family Tree DNA accepts the responsibility to keep your specific data private, at the same time, making enough general information public to allow us to build a Surname Database library to be used for genealogical purposes.

To accomplish this Family Tree DNA allows you to do the following:

You may search the existing Surname Database Library to see if the surname you are searching is already there. If it is you may order your DNA test kit and return to search to see that the database has increased under your surname. If the name you want to search is not there you may order your test kit and then return the database to see your surname registered. When you actually place your order you will be asked to enter the surname that you are searching.

FTDNA - Privacy and Confidentiality Statement

Your unique test kit number will accompany your collection tube to the testing lab. The computer-generated number and your surname is the only information about you that the testing facility will see. Once your test has been completed the results of the DNA test will be entered in a secure database. A comparison between your specific genetic results and those of others in the database will then be performed.

If a genetic match is found between you and another person in the database and you have each signed the release form you will be informed via email.

If a genetic match is found between you and another individual who enters the library at some time in the future, both will be given the information that a potential match is in the database provided that BOTH of you have signed the release form. Only if both parties agree will contact information concerning the separate parties be made available to the other party. In this way, all persons in the database will have the right to decide if they want to contact their genetic match(es).

Privacy and confidentiality will be strictly maintained.

Family Tree DNA provides the option to participate in one or more group projects. This may help you learn more by working with others who may share similar ancestry. If you choose to participate in a project, the group administrator will be able to view your results and contact information so that he or she may best help members of the project learn about their ancestry. The full mtDNA sequence test contains some genes in the coding region (CR). By default, these results are unavailable to the group administrators. You may choose to allow your group administrators to view your coding region results by using the checkboxes available on the User Preferences page of your personal page.

A public website displaying member results is often created so that members can share information more easily. The free website that Family Tree DNA provides to projects allows results to be listed by kit number or computer generated number. Results tables and maps on the free website may include a participant’s oldest known ancestor, the ancestor’s country of origin, surname, and full name. You may join or leave projects at any time after your results are posted at no charge.

  A "relevant match" as stated in the Release Form is either one of the following (Y-DNA):  
  Y-DNA 12 Comparison  
  11 of 12 markers
(within group project only)
12 of 12 markers
  Y-DNA 25 Comparison  
  23 of 25 markers
24 of 25 markers
25 of 25 markers
  Y-DNA 37 Comparison  
  34 of 37 markers
35 of 37 markers
36 of 37 markers
37 of 37 markers
  Y-DNA 67Comparison  
  60 of 67 markers
61 of 67 markers
62 of 67 markers
63 of 67 markers
64 of 67 markers
65 of 67 markers
66 of 67 markers
67 of 67 markers


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