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Join the ENGLISH surname Y-chromosome DNA Testing project
Open to all males born with the surname ENGLISH (Englis, Inglish, Inglis)
We encourage all ENGLISH family researchers to join us in this study. The results will greatly increase the knowledge of our families, and give us clues for expanding research.
How do I join the study?
Very easy. You can fill out the Join Request form online JOIN REQUEST HERE
  Contact the group administrator who will coordinate your entry into the project EMAIL Group Administrator.
Once it has been determined that you are applying to the correct surname project, a 'Join Code' will be sent to you via Email. You will be assured the Group Rate through your project administrator.
  If you found us through the Family Tree DNA Web site and requested to join our group, you will also be assured of the Group Rate.  
  As our database expands we will post the results on this web site to include families with known common ENGLISH ancestors along with their genealogies. Every attempt to protect privacy will be made and information about living individual's will not be posted on this Web site without expressed consent. To facilitate collaboration and research among all participating families, Email addresses of ENGLISH family researchers from each family will be included also upon request. . Please Email the project administrator after you have placed your order so we can start to collect your family tree for inclusion in this web site.  
Who will handle the DNA testing?
Family Tree DNA - Genealogy by Genetics, Ltd.
World Headquarters
1919 North Loop West, Suite 110 Houston, Texas 77008, USA
Phone: (713) 868-1438 | Fax: (832) 201-7147
Family Tree DNA, affiliated with Dr. Michael Hammer and the University of Arizona, will be testing the Y-chromosome for genetic matches between males. Results are placed in a database by Family Tree DNA and when 2 people show the same identical results, the lab will inform both parties (provided both signed the FTDNA Release Form). Project participants will receive a certificate and report from the lab generally describing Y-DNA sequencing and the meaning of the probability between matches.
How is testing done?
  Submitting DNA for testing is simple. The DNA sample is collected easily, and painlessly, by rubbing a small swab on the inside of the participant's cheek. Family Tree DNA will mail out a test kit with instructions, and the sample collection can be done anywhere. This test is not associated with health matters or paternity. This test through FTDNA is only for the purpose of genealogical research, and strict confidentiality is maintained. Results take about six weeks.  
Who needs to be tested?
  We need for the research at least one and preferably two in your family line with surname ENGLISH, who are thought to be the natural children of your ancestors. The best test is to have two or three males who have a known common ancestor but are distant cousins or belong to different branches of your ENGLISH family line.  
  PLEASE NOTE: This test cannot be performed on females. If you are a female and want to test your ENGLISH family DNA, you will need to find males with surname ENGLISH from your line willing to take the test.  
Step-by-step Instructions for Participating in this project
  1) Request to Join the project: Click here to go to join request form  
  2) Receive 'Join Code': Your request to join the group is reviewed to determine that your in the right group. Once this is established, a 'JOIN CODE' will be sent via Email.  
  3) Place your order: You can place your order online by using the Join Code sent by your group administrator. You automatically qualify for the discounted group rate.  
  4) Receive kit - take sample: A DNA sampling kit from Family Tree DNA will arrive via US Mail soon after your order is placed.. Follow the enclosed instructions.  
  5) Sign release form: IMPORTANT! In the sample kit you will find a release document authorizing Family Tree DNA to use the sample for genealogical testing. This form must be signed and returned for your sample to be used in the study.  
  6) Return kit to FTDNA: Return kit as instructed to Family Tree DNA using regular mail. If kit was not prepaid, enclose your payment when returning kit.  
  7) Provide descendant report: In addition to testing, we need information (e.g., descendant report, pedigree chart) on line of descent from the oldest known male ancestor for each participant. This helps to identify the various unconnected links.  
Test kit and sampling instructions
  A testing kit and easy instructions is sent to the male participant, who in turn provides a sample of his DNA by using a mouth swab. The sampling technique is painless and simply involves collecting a small amount of cells from the inside of the cheek. Once the sampling is completed as instructed, return by regular mail to Family Tree DNA. Results take about 6 weeks and each participant and the group administrators receive the results of the DNA sample. These results are then compared to others who participate in the project.  
DNA analysis in conjunction with a paper trail
  Testing is used in conjunction with traditional genealogy and participants are often able to focus their research efforts after testing. For example, testing could reveal if any of the early southern ENGLISH lines are related to one another, and/or to the northern ENGLISH lines. Eventually the study will establish DNA "signatures" for different lines - project administrators will make every attempt to guide participants to an to understanding testing results.  
ENGLISH Surname Project was established with Family Tree DNA on 4 October 2004


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