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Ephraim English (1807-1859)
[Participant #E-0073 ]

Ephraim English

Married / 1832 Tenn.
Flora [Buie/Bowie]
Children, all born Tenn:
1) Eliza Adaline English,
2) Sophronia Jane English,
3) Stephen Malcolm 'Sam' English,
4) Margaret Elizabeth English,
5) Mary Catherine English,
6) William Riley English,
7) James Henry English,
8) Elvira Marcella English.

Migration of Ephraim English & family
1807 Tennessee
[Participant #E-0073] -- Descendancy and Documentation
  Generation 1:
Ephraim English was the son of Unk. English.

Ephraim English was married to Flora [Buie/Bowie]
birthdate: 1807
birthplace: Tennessee USA
death: 01 Aug 1859
death place: Sabine, Van Zandt, Texas
burial: x
spouse: Flora [Buie/Bowie]
spouses parents: Malcolm Buie & Catherine.
spouses birthdate & place: 1814; North Carolina
spouses death date and place: Jun 1890; Grandview, Johnson, Texas; buried Antioch Rest Cemetery.
marriage date: 08 Feb 1832
marriage place: Henry Co., Tennessee
Note: x
  Generation 2:
William Riley English was the son of English & Flora [Buie/Bowie]

William Riley English was married to Mallissa Jane [Payne]
William Riley ENGLISH
birthdate: 26 Jun 1844
birthplace: Henry Co., Tennessee
death: 28 Dec 1927
death place: Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma
burial: Grandview Cemetery, Johnson Co., Texas
spouse: Mallissa Jane [Payne]
spouses parents: Jasper C. Payne & Cercy Wood.
spouses birthdate & place: 25 Feb 1854; Jefferson Co., Alabama
spouses death date and place: 01 Dec 1910; Sayre, Beckham, OK; buried Grandview Cem, Johnson, TX
marriage date: before 1871
marriage place: Texas likely.
Note: Wife Mallissa is listed in the census as 'Mary' in 1900; as 'Jane' in 1910.
  Generation 3:
James Lee English was the son of William Riley English & Mallissa Jane [Payne]

James Lee English was married to Wilmer Alice [Thompson]
birthdate: 21 Mar 1874
birthplace: Johnson Co., Texas
death: 09 Apr 1950
death place: Altus, Jackson, Oklahoma
burial: Altus Cemetery, Altus, Jackson, OK
spouse: Wilmer Alice [Thompson]
spouses parents: Needham Green Thompson & Jennie Linn Cox.
spouses birthdate & place: 22 Feb 1883; Hardeman, Tennessee.
spouses death date and place: 29 May 1980; Altus, Jackson, Oklahoma.
marriage date: 19 May 1901
marriage place: Johnson Co., TX - [bk.10; pg.577]
Note: x
  Generation 4:  
  (private) English was the son of James Lee English & Wilmer Alice [Thompson]  
  Generation 5:
Participant ENGLISH
[Participant #E-0073] - Additional Information
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