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Reuben English (1797-1884)
[Participant #E-0072]

Reuben English

Married /bef. 1828 GA to
Eliza [Shuman]
Children, all born Georgia:
1) Sarah Jane English,
2) Ann Matilda English,
3) William H. English,
4) James Reuben 'Jim' English,
5) Eliza English,
6) Levinia Ellen English,
7) Elizabeth English,
8) Andrew 'Jackson' English,
9) Joseph English,
10) Alexander Franklin English .

Migration of Reuben English & family
1797 Georgia
May 1827 GA Land Lottery - Reuben English - Bryan Co., Harveys
1884 Reuben English died Bryan Co., GA
[Participant #E-0072] -- Descendancy and Documentation
  Generation 1:
Reuben English was the son of -- English

Reuben English was married to Eliza [Shuman]
birthdate: 10 Mar 1797
birthplace: Georgia
death: 10 Mar 1884
death place: Bryan Co., Georgia
burial: Campground Cemetery, Bryan, GA - Shared monument
spouse: Eliza [Shuman]
spouses parents: William Wylie Shuman & Mary Ann 'Polly' Bridges.
spouses birthdate & place: 15 Sep 1804; Effingham Co., GA
spouses death date and place: 15 Oct 1885; Bryan Co., GA / Campground Cemetery - Shared monument.
marriage date: before 1828
marriage place: Bryan Co., Georgia
Note: x
  Generation 2:
Joseph English was the son of Reuben English & Eliza [Shuman]

Joseph English was married 1st to Charlotte [Ellarbee].
birthdate: 30 Aug 1841
birthplace: Bryan Co., Georgia
death: 29 Jul 1924
death place: Ellabell, Bryan Co., GA
burial: Campground Cemetery, Bryan, GA
spouse: Charlotte [Ellarbee] (widow of John Gordon Lanier)
spouses parents: Allen Ellarbee & Mary Ann (or Polly Ann).
spouses birthdate & place: 1838; Georgia
spouses death date and place: bet. 1880-1887; Bryan Co., GA
marriage date: 19 Aug 1866
marriage place: Bryan Co., Georgia
Note: Joseph English married second on 20 Jan 1887 to Clementine Ellarbee (1842-1917), sister of his first wife Charlotte Ellarbee.
  Generation 3:
Joseph Payne English was the son of Joseph English & Charlotte [Ellarbee].

Joseph Payne English was married to Estelle A. [Freeman]
Joseph Payne ENGLISH
birthdate: 30 Aug 1868
birthplace: Bryan Co., Georgia
death: 22 Dec 1948
death place: Bryan Co., Georgia
burial: Ellabell United Methodist Cemetery, Bryan, GA
spouse: Estelle A. [Freeman]
spouses parents: Thomas Freeman & Mary Elizabeth Newton
spouses birthdate & place: 24 Sep 1874; Screven Co., GA
spouses death date and place: 08 Oct 1964; Bryan Co., GA / Ellabell United Methodist Cemetery
marriage date: 23 Nov 1895
marriage place: Screven Co., Georgia
Note: x
  Generation 4:  
  Joseph Elton English was the son of Joseph Payne English & Estelle A. [Freeman]

Joseph Elton English was married to Ruth G. [--]
Joseph Elton ENGLISH
birthdate: 21 Feb 1903
birthplace: Bryan Co., GA
death: 08 Nov 1977
death place: Atlanta, Fulton Co., GA
burial: x
spouse: Ruth G. [--]
spouses parents: x
spouses birthdate & place: 1909; Georgia
spouses death date and place: x
marriage date: bef. 1927
marriage place: x
Note: x
  Generation 5:
Participant ENGLISH
[Participant #E-0072] - Additional Information
  Research Notes:  
1. Reuben English had a first cousin, William English, born c. 1785, who preceded him in Bryan County. I do not know whom he married but they left most everything to Reuben English's children. (Charles Somers Miller; 3sep2012)  
2. Note for future research = Question of paternity for Cyrus English (1856), grandson of Reuben English:  
  Cyrus English, born c.1856 GA is listd in the 1880 Bryan County census as stepson in the household of Joseph Ellarbee & wife Elizabeth English Ellarbee. Their marriage cetificate shows that "Miss Elizabeth English" married Joseph Ellarbee on 24 Aug 1859 in Chatham County so unlikely that Elizabeth English was married before 1859 and likely not mother of Cyrus English (born 1856). Cyrus English could be the son of one of Elizabeth's siblings or was born to some other unrelated parantage.  
  Descendants of Cyrus B. English  
  1. CYRUS B. ENGLISH was born 12 Sep 1856 in GA, and died 09 Aug 1902. He married EMMA D. LEWIS 17 May 1885 in Bryan Co., GA. She was born 27 May 1866 in SC, and died 01 Jan 1905.

Children of CYRUS ENGLISH and EMMA LEWIS are:
i. MAMIE E. ENGLISH, b. Aug 1886, GA; d. 1945; m. PEYTON WALTER HARVEY.
ii. EVA D. ENGLISH, b. Dec 1888, GA.
iii. ROBERT W. ENGLISH, b. Aug 1891, GA; d. 23 Oct 1918, Raleigh, Wake, North Carolina.
iv. CYRUS 'OTTO' ENGLISH, b. 02 May 1892, Ellabell, Bryan, GA; d. 1942; m. LEAH MATHILDA PRUTZMAN, 1915, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; b. 1892, Pennsylvania; d. 1978.


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