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John English (1807-bef.1860)
[Participant #E-0069]

John English

Married 1st/bef. 1835
to Unk. [Unk.]
1) Nathaniel English,
2) Martin Asbury English,
3) John Thomas English,
4) George W. English.

married 2nd/ 1848
to Hannah M. [Moore]
5) James William English.

Migration of John English & family
1807 John English born in Kentucky
by 1835 Fulton Co., Illinois census, married Unk.
20 Jul 1848 Married Hannah Moore, Fulton Co., Il
by 1855 Family in Rushville, Schuyler Co., IL census
by 1860 sons in Newton/Lawrence, Co.s MO & Schuyler, IL
by 1860 son James Wm. English in Oakland, Schuyler, IL
by 1870 JWE in White, Benton, MO
1877 JWE married Jennett Trusler in Lawrence Co., MO
by 1880 JWE & family in Humphrey, Cattaraugus, NY
by 1885 JWE daughter Violet born in Canada
04 Jul 1889 JWE marries Mary E. Wilson in Skagit, Washington
by 1900 on JWE & family in Whatcom Co., WA
[Participant #E-0069] -- Descendancy and Documentation
  Generation 1:
John English was the son of __ English.

John English was married 2nd to Hannah M. [Moore]
birthdate: 1807
birthplace: Kentucky USA
death: before 1860
death place: likely Fulton Co., Illinois
burial: x
spouse: Hannah M. [Moore]
spouses parents: x
spouses birthdate & place: 1829; Tennessee
spouses death date and place: before 1860; likely Fulton Co., Illinois
marriage date: 20 Jul 1848
marriage place: Lewistown, Fulton Co., Illinois
Note: John English married 1st before 1835 (name unknown); four known sons to this union: Nathaniel English (1836), Martin Asbury English (1839), John Thomas English (1842), & George W. English (1844). John English married 2nd in 1848 to Hannah M. Moore (1829-bef.1860); one known son to this union: James William English (1850). ** see census overview in 'Research Notes' below
  Generation 2:
James William English was the son of John English & Hannah M. [Moore].

James William English was married 2nd to Mary E. [Wilson]
James William ENGLISH
birthdate: 18 Apr 1850
birthplace: Fulton Co., Illinois (or Schuyler Co.)
death: 19 Nov 1911
death place: Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington
burial: Bayview Cemetery, Bellingham, Whatcom Co., Washington - unmarked grave
spouse: Mary E. [Wilson]
spouses parents: x
spouses birthdate & place: 13 Aug 1864; St. John, New Brunswick, Canada
spouses death date and place: 12 Jan 1939; Bellingham, Whatcom, Washington
marriage date: 04 Jul 1889
marriage place: Skagit Co., Washington
Note: James William English married 1st in 1877 Missouri to Jennett Trusler; two children from this union: Vance Clive English (1878), Violet B. English (1885).
  Generation 3:
Herbert Martin English was the son of James William English & Mary E. [Wilson]

Herbert Martin English was married 1st to Olga E. [Tuben]
Herbert Martin ENGLISH
birthdate: 06 Sep 1893
birthplace: North Avon, Whatcom Co., Washington
death: 29 Dec 1930
death place: San Mateo Co., California
burial: Woodlawn Memorial Park, Colma, San Mateo, California
spouse: Olga E. [Tuben]
spouses parents: John Anderson Tubbehotvedt & Alma Christina Johnson
spouses birthdate & place: 04 Jan 1898; Seattle, King Co., Washington
spouses death date and place: 07 Aug 1980; San Diego, San Diego Co., California
marriage date: 03 Feb 1915
marriage place: Bellingham, Whatcom, WA
Note: Herbert Martin English married 2nd in Whatcom, WA 1928 to Olive Coker; married 3rd abt. 1930 to Nettie E.
  Generation 4:
(private) English was the son of Herbert Martin English & Olga E. [Tuben]
  Generation 5:
Participant ENGLISH
[Participant #E-0069] - Additional Information
  Research Notes:  
  **Census overview - needs sorting out.  
Census Data
  1835 - Illinois State Census  
  Illinois Census, 1810-90
about John English
Name: John English
State: IL
County: Fulton County
Township: No Township Listed
Year: 1835
Record Type: State or colonial census
Page: 018
Database: IL 1835 State Census Index
1835 > Fulton > 6
Line 63
John English
1 m age group ___
1 f age group ___
2 total
  1855 - Illinois State Census  
  1855 > Schuyler > Rushville > 10
John English
1 m 10-20
2 m 30-40
2 f 10-20
1 f 40-50
  1865 - Illinois State Census  
  1865 > Fulton > Astoria > 1
Line 16
John English
4 m 16 or older
3 f 16 or older
1 f 30-40
1 m 40-50
Value of Agricultr'l Prod'ts - 25 dollars
  1850 - US Federal Census  
  1850 United States Federal Census
about John English
Name: John English
Age: 43
Birth Year: abt 1807
Birthplace: Kentucky
Home in 1850: Astoria, Fulton, Illinois
Gender: Male
Family Number: 70
Household Members: Name Age
John English 43
Hannah M English 21
Nathaniel English 14
Martin A English 10
John T English 8
George W English 4
James W English 0
  See also project member [E-0071]  


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