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William H. English (1816- 1891)
[Participant #E-0056]

William H. English

married 1862 to
Sarah Jane [Deever]
William H. H. English,
Albert English,

Migration of William H. ENGLISH & family
Wm. H. English born in Pennsylvania USA
May 1862
marriage to Sarah Deever in Clark Co., Illinois
by 1870
Family in Douglas Co., IL
by 1956
Akron, Summit, Ohio
[Participant #E-0056] -- Descendancy and Documentation
  Generation 1:
William H. English was the son of unk. English

William H. English was married to Sarah Jane [Dever]
William H. ENGLISH
birthdate: 27 Apr 1816
birthplace: Pennsylvania USA
death: 08 Sep 1891
death place: Douglas Co., Illinois
burial: Douglas Cemetery
spouse: Sarah Jane [Deever]
spouses parents: James Dever & Matilda 'Mary' McWilliams
spouses birthdate & place: 22 Jun 1839; Ohio USA
spouses death date and place: 18 May 1899; Douglas Co., IL
spouses burial: Douglas Cemetery
marriage date: 17 May 1862
marriage place: Clark County., Illinois
note: x
  Generation 2:
Albert English was the son of William H. English & Sarah Jane [Deever]

Albert English was married to Emma Louella [Walter/s]
birthdate: 26 Sep 1877
birthplace: Camargo, Douglas, IL
death: 25 Jun 1949
death place: Douglas, IL
burial: Douglas County Cemetery
spouse: Emma Luella [Walter/s]
spouses parents: William Thomas Walter/s & Mary Frances Nees
spouses birthdate & place: Dec 1885; Clay or Wayne Co., Indiana
spouses death date and place: Bet. 13 Sep 1918 - 15 Jan 1920; Douglas, IL
spouses burial: Douglas County Cemetery
marriage date: 21 Apr 1901
marriage place: Douglas, IL
note: x
  Generation 3:
Albert Montgomery English was the son of Albert English & Emma Luella [Walter/s]

Albert Montgomery English was married to Ruth 'Juanita' [Pribble]
Albert Montgomery ENGLISH
birthdate: 21 May 1903
birthplace: Newman, Douglas, IL
death: 16 Mar 1971
death place: Barberton, Summit, Ohio
burial: Lakewood Cemetery, Akron, Ohio
spouse: Ruth 'Juanita' [Pribble]
spouses parents: Hiram Albin Pribble & Cleo Ethel Hart
spouses birthdate & place: 23 Jul 1906; Homer, Douglas, IL
spouses death date and place: 03 Feb 1995; Newman, Douglas, IL
spouses burial: Tuscola Cemetery, Tuscola, Douglas, IL
marriage date: 20 Oct 1923
marriage place: Tuscola, Douglas, Illinois
note: x
  Generation 4:
Floyd Dean English was the son of Albert Montgomery English & Ruth 'Juanita' [Pribble]

Floyd Dean English was married to Mildred Kathleen [Street]
Floyd Dean ENGLISH
birthdate: 02 Aug 1928
birthplace: Camargo, Douglas, IL
death: 24 Dec 1956
death place: Ravenna, Portage, Ohio
burial: Lakewood Cemetery, Akron, Ohio
spouse: Mildred Kathleen [Street]
spouses parents: Marvin Absalom Street & Daisy Isabelle Black
spouses birthdate & place: 17 Aug 1929; Shelby, Ohio
spouses death date and place: 04 May 2002; Summit, Ohio
spouses burial: Homeland Cemetery, Rootstown, Portage, Ohio
marriage date: 28 Aug 1949
marriage place: Akron, Summit, Ohio
note: x
  Generation 5:
Participant ENGLISH
[Participant #E-0056] - Additional Information
  Research notes:  


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