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William Inglish, Sr. (c.1750 Unk.- c.1728/29 KY)
[Participant #E-0054]

William Inglish, Sr.
(c.1750 Unk -c.1728/29 KY)

married c.1770 PA or VA
Elizabeth [Swope]
(1) Joseph Inglish
(2) Mary "Polly" Inglish
(3) James Inglish
(4) Henry Inglish       
(5) Elizabeth Inglish 
(6) John Inglish
(7) William Inglish, Jr.  
(8) Patrick English
(9) Nancy Inglish
(10) Margaret Inglish  
(11) Margery Inglish
(12) Sally Inglish

Migration of William Inglish, Sr. & family
Southwestern Virginia USA
Northeastern Tennessee
Rutherford-Buncombe cos., NC (now Transylvania)
Grainger Co, TN
Warren, Grayson, Butler & Hopkins counties, KY
(son Joseph) Warrick County, IN
(son Joseph) Western Arkansas Terr., (now S.E. OK)
(son Joseph) Sevier County, AR
Dec. 1835
(son Joseph) Red River Muni, Mexico (now Fannin Co.TX)
[Participant #E-0054] -- Descendancy and Documentation
  Generation 1:
William Inglish, Sr. was the son of ___ Inglish

William Inglish, Sr. was married to Elizabeth [Swope]
William INGLISH, Sr.
birthdate: c.1750
birthplace: unknown
death: c.1828-1829
death place: Kentucky
burial: unknown
spouse: Elizabeth [Swope]
spouses parents: x
spouses birthdate & place: c.1752; Pennsylvania
spouses death date and place: after 7 November 1844, KY
marriage date: c.1770
marriage place: possibly Pennsylvania or southwestern Virginia
Note: . See research notes at bottom of page.
  Generation 2:
Joseph Inglish was the son of William Inglish, Sr. & Elizabeth [Swope] - (see Sources below)

Joseph Inglish was married 1st to Sarah [Anderson]
birthdate: c.1771
birthplace: unknown
death: 17 Feb 1836
death place: Red River Municipality, Mexico (now Lamar County, Texas)
burial: unknown
spouse: Sarah [Anderson]
spouses parents: Bailey Anderson & Mary Wyatt
spouses birthdate & place: c.1773; Pendleton Dist, South Carolina
spouses death date and place: 1835; Sevier County, Arkansas
marriage date: c.1792
marriage place: South Carolina
Note: Joseph Inglish was married 2nd in 1835 to Anne Shelton in Arkansas.
See research notes at bottom of page.
  Generation 3:
Bailey Inglish was the son of Joseph Inglish & Sarah [Anderson] - (see Sources below)

Bailey Inglish was married to Jane [Sloan]
birthdate: 4 Mar 1793
birthplace: 96th District, South Carolina
death: 5 Aug1867
death place: Bonham, Fannin County, Texas
burial: Inglish Cemetery, Bonham, Fannin County, Texas
spouse: Jane [Sloan]
spouses parents: x
spouses birthdate & place: c.1800; Indiana
spouses death date and place: 1831; Miller Co., Arkansas
marriage date: c.1817
marriage place: Arkansas
Note: Bailey Inglish built Fort Inglish in today’s Fannin County, Texas. The settlement at the fort was first called Bois d’Arc, and then renamed Bonham.
  Generation 4:
Wharton Conway Inglish was the son of Bailey Inglish & Jane [Sloan]

Wharton Conway Inglish was married to Louisa Ann [Wallace]
Wharton Conway INGLISH
birthdate: 4 Dec 1829
birthplace: Paraclifter, Arkansas (what is now Sevier county.)
death: 6 Sep 1882
death place: Rosston, Cooke County, TX
burial: x
spouse: Louisa Ann [Wallace]
spouses parents: Samuel Stewart Wallace & Sarah M. Carr
spouses birthdate & place: 29 July 1839; Tennessee
spouses death date and place: 19 April 1911; Archer County, TX
marriage date: 18 Nov 1857
marriage place: Kentucky Town, Grayson County, TX
Note: x
  Generation 5:
Bailey Inglish was the son of Wharton Conway Inglish & Louisa Ann [Wallace]

Bailey Inglish was married to Eppie Caroline [Berry]
birthdate: 15 May 1865
birthplace: Bonham, Fannin County, TX
death: 2 June 1942 (or 04 Jun 1943??)
death place: Gainesville, Cooke County, TX
burial: Rosston Cemetery, Cooke County, TX
spouse: Eppie Caroline [Berry]
spouses parents: W. Thomas Berry & Eliza Cleo McCracken
spouses birthdate & place: 14 March 1869; Rosston, Cooke County, TX
spouses death date and place: 15 January 1957; Rosston, Cooke County, TX
marriage date: 25 Dec 1888
marriage place: Cooke County, TX
Note: x
  Generation 6:
(private) INGLISH
  Generation 7:
Participant INGLISH
[Participant #E-0054] - Additional Information
  Research Notes:  
  Generation 1:  
  William INGLISH, Sr. settled in Grayson County, KY, about 1805. He evidently moved after 1810 to Butler County, KY, where he is shown on the 1820 census, and where two of his daughters were married, but seems to have returned to Grayson County thereafter. The birth order of children born to William Inglish, Sr. & Elizabeth Swope is not known with certainty, but son Joseph Inglish was the oldest.  
  Generation 2:  
  Joseph Inglish: Some secondary sources have referred to Joseph Inglish as "William Joseph Inglish," but in the documents made contemporaneously with his lifetime or within a generation thereafter, he is always shown as simply "Joseph Inglish." Documentary evidence shows that he had a brother named William Inglish, Jr., who remained in Kentucky and died there in 1847. Joseph Inglish was born at a time when the great majority of Americans did not have middle names, and it seems highly improbable that his parents would have named a second son "William" unless the elder son had died, which is not the case here.
  Joseph Inglish seemed to have accompanied or closely followed his father-in-law Bailey Anderson in moving from South Carolina to Kentucky about 1797 and then to Indiana about 1806 and then to a western area along the Red River now in Southeastern Oklahoma about 1816. After the U. S. government informed the settlers along the Red River that they were not living in Arkansas, they moved to Sevier County in that state about 1820. Joseph Inglish and his son Bailey Inglish moved to north Texas about December 25, 1835, when this region and all Texas was still part of Mexico. Both remained in Texas for the rest of their lives.  
  Major Sources:  

Indenture, Heirs of William Inglish, Jr. to Heirs of Kelly, 28 August 1848, Deed Book, Book 17, page 367, Hopkins County, Kentucky; indenture, Inglish’s Heirs to Inglish, 2 June 1849, Deed Book, Book 14, page 396, Hopkins County, Kentucky.  Various documents from the following lawsuits, all maintained in the Hopkins County, Kentucky, Circuit Court, now filed in the Kentucky State Archives: Inglish Heirs v. Haycraft, Suit No. 3579 (1844-1845);Inglish v. Lynn's Administrator (subsequently Inglish’s Heirs v. Lynn’s Heirs), Suit No. 4215, Hopkins County, Kentucky, Circuit Court (1846-1849); Inglishes Devisees v. Kelly’s Heirs, Suit No. 4216 (1848-1850); Inglish’s Executor v. Inglish’s Heirs, Suit No. 5617 (1853-1855).  "Bailey Inglish," New Handbook of Texas Online, (1996-2010); 1830 U. S. Census of Sevier County, Arkansas; p. 165; 1850 U.S. Census of Fannin County, Texas, page 148B, line 128; The Cattleman (1974), pp. 206-208; Republic of Texas v. Bailey Inglish et al. Heirs of Joseph Inglish, deceased, Dallam 608, 1844 LEXIS 23 (1844); "Hon. Elbert H. English," Encyclopedia of the New West, pp. 11-13 (Marshall Texas, 1890); Inglish family records.



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