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James English (c.1755 - 1825 AR)
[Participant #E-0053]

James English
(c.1755 - 1825 AR)

married about 1785
TN or NC
Elizabeth [Denton]
(1) William English
(2) James English
(3) Abraham English
(4) Thomas English
(5) John English
(6) Jonas English
(7) Hannah English
(8) Joseph English
(9) Joshua English
(10) Stephen English
(11) Archibald Hicks English

Migration of James English & family
bef. 1755
Place unknown
c.1760s - c.1778
southwestern Virginia
c.1778- c.1784
northeastern Tennessee
c.1784- c.1793
Rutherford-Buncombe Co's., NC (now Transylvania)
c.1797 - c.1799

Grainger Co, TN

c.1800 - c. 1817
Wilson and Warren cos., TN
c.1817 - c.1825
Wayne and Hardin cos., TN
James English died in Arkansas en route to Texas.
[Participant #E-0053] -- Descendancy and Documentation
  Generation 1:
James English was the son of _____ English

James English was married to Elizabeth [Denton]
birthdate: c.1755
birthplace: Unknown
death: 1825
death place: Arkansas
burial: unknown
spouse: Elizabeth [Denton]
spouses parents: Jonas Denton & Hannah Whitson
spouses birthdate & place: Virginia
spouses death date and place: after 1840; Texas
marriage date: x
marriage place: probably northeastern TN or western NC
note: James English is shown in the 14th company of Rutherford Co., N.C., in the 1790 U.S. census. He served as a county commissioner for Warren County, TN, upon its founding in 1806 and for several years thereafter and as a commissioner for locating the county seat, McMinnville. He is shown near his sons James and Thomas in the 1820 census of Hardin County, TN.
  Generation 2:
William ENGLISH was the son of James English and Elizabeth [Denton]

William ENGLISH was married 1st to Elizabeth [Tittle]
birthdate: c.1786
birthplace: Northeastern Tennessee or North Carolina
death: during the winter of 1836-1837
death place: Shelby County, Republic of Texas
burial: x
spouse: Elizabeth [Tittle]
spouses parents: George Tittle and Mary Cooper.
spouses birthdate & place: Virginia
spouses death date and place: 1863; TN
marriage date: c.1806
marriage place: TN
note: William English married 2nd c.1817 to Myra Anderson. [*See Wm English notes below]
  Generation 3:
James ENGLISH was the son of William ENGLISH and wife Elizabeth [Tittle]

James ENGLISH was married to to Lucinda [Walker]
birthdate: c.1810
birthplace: Warren County, TN
death: 3 Oct 1870
death place: near “old” Randolph, Houston County, TX
burial: Jim English Cemetery, about 8 miles east of Crockett, TX
spouse: Lucinda [Walker]
spouses parents: Simeon Walker
spouses birthdate & place: 1822; Missouri
spouses death date and place: 1898; Houston County, TX
marriage date: 24 Dec 1841
marriage place: Shelby County, Republic of Texas
note: [**See James English notes below]
  Generation 4:
Richard Bailey ENGLISH was the son of James ENGLISH and wife Lucinda [Walker]

Richard Bailey ENGLISH was married to Mary Alice [Goodloe]
Richard Bailey ENGLISH
birthdate: 23 Mar 1844
birthplace: Houston County, TX
death: 7 May 1907
death place: Houston County, TX
burial: The Jim English Cemetery, about 8 miles east of Crockett, TX
spouse: Mary Alice [Goodloe]
spouses parents: Alfred Miller Goodloe and Mary Elizabeth “Bett” Smith
spouses birthdate & place: April 1857; Tennessee
spouses death date and place: 6 June 1937; Rosedale, Jefferson county, TX
marriage date: 17 Sept 1876
marriage place: Houston County, Republic of Texas
note: x
  Generation 5:
Morris Cullen ENGLISH was the son of Richard Bailey ENGLISH and wife Mary Alice [Goodloe]

Morris Cullen ENGLISH was married to Addie Ola [Hallmark]
Morris Cullen ENGLISH
birthdate: 21 June 1877
birthplace: Houston County, TX
death: 11 Mar 1944
death place: Beaumont, Jefferson County, TX
burial: x
spouse: Addie Ola [Hallmark]
spouses parents: Thomas Jefferson Hallmark and Mary Ann Brazier
spouses birthdate & place: 2 Sept 1885
spouses death date and place: 28 Dec 1951; Beaumont, Jefferson County, TX
marriage date: 23 Dec 1908
marriage place: Houston County, TX
note: x
  Generation 6:
[private] ENGLISH
  Generation 7:
Participant ENGLISH
[Participant #E-0053] - Additional Information
  Research notes:  
  [*Wm. English notes] :  
  William English and Elizabeth Tittle were separated about 1814 and subsequently divorced by Act of the TN legislature. William left TN and possibly was living in western Arkansas until 1818. By 1818, he had married Myra Anderson; they settled in 1818 in the Ayish Bayou district (now San Augustine County) of Texas, then part of the Spanish Empire. Jonathan Anderson, Myra Anderson’s brother, moved to the same area in 1819; he subsequently married William’s widowed sister, Hannah English Payne. William and some of his neighbors moved to Patroon Creek in today’s Shelby County in 1826. During the 1820's, all of William’s brothers – except Abraham – moved to Texas and in early 1835 were living in Teneha Municipality (now Shelby County), State of Coahuila and Texas, Mexico. All nine brothers in Texas, their mother Elizabeth Denton English, and their brother-in-law Jonathan Anderson were listed with their families in the 1835 Census of Teneha Municipality. They all petitioned for land grants of one League and one Labor (approximately 8 square miles) from Mexico in 1835 but did not receive the grants until the Republic of Texas was established. During the second half of the 19th century, the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren of James and Elizabeth Denton English were living in Shelby, Panola, Houston, Trinity, Cherokee, Fannin, Hunt, Hopkins, Wood, Crosby, Dickens, Haskell, and other counties across Texas. In the 1850's, one son of Joshua English and all of Stephen English’s children had moved to California. Abraham English remained in Warren County, TN, where he died in 1835, but at least two of his sons moved to Texas and fought in the same companies as their Texan cousins in the War with Mexico, 1846-1848. Some sons of the younger James and Abraham had moved back to Tennessee by the 1850 U.S. census.  
  [**James English notes]:  
  note: The evidence indicates that James English, his older brother George, and their sister Miranda remained with their mother for several years after their parent’s separation. George and James, however, moved to Texas in the 1820's to live with or near their father. These two brothers fought in the Siege of Bexar (at San Antonio, December 5-10, 1835) in the Texas revolution and for their military service received Republic of Texas land grants, some of which they located in Houston County. They lived in Houston County the remainder of their lives. The Jim English Cemetery about eight miles east of Crockett, Texas, was established on James English’s land grant and is named for him. Miranda married Asa Smith and started a family in Tennessee; after the War Between the States, she moved with her children to Houston County, Texas, where she remained the rest of her life.  

Major Sources: Memorandum by J.H. English of information from James D. English (son of Jonas English), July 1904; memoranda, depositions, and judicial opinions arising from litigation over the Pelham Humphries League, Jefferson County, Texas (Spindletop oil field) and other land controversies; Census Report of Tenehaw, Blake Collection, vol. XIX, pp. 228-258, 298-301, 1835, in Nacogdoches Archives, vol. 85, pp. 21-74, Texas State Archives, Austin, Texas (incompletely abstracted in Marion Day Mullins, ed., The First Census of Texas, Washington: National Genealogical Society, 1959); character certificates, petitions, and other files and records in the General Land Office of Texas, Austin, Texas (see Gifford White, ed., Character Certificates in the General Land Office of Texas (Baltimore: Clearfield Company, Inc., repr. 2001), pp. 60-61 and passim; various files and records, Texas State Archives, Austin, Texas; the Archives of The University of Texas at Austin; U.S. censuses of 1790, 1820, and 1850-1930.

Additional References: George L. Crocket, Two Centuries in East Texas (Dallas: 1932, repr. 1961); Armistead A. Aldrich, The History of Houston County, Texas (San Antonio: Naylor, 1943); Eliza Bishop., ed., Houston County History (Crockett: Houston County Historical Commission, 1978); Ben R Miller, Grace Gilbert Robertson and Henry Hollis Miller with their Forebears (Baton Rouge: By the author, 1961); Texarado McKnight Peak, The McKnight and English Families (1st ed. Austin: By the author, 1963) and The McKnight Family and their Descendants (3rd ed. Austin: By the author, 1969); The New Handbook of Texas, (Austin: Texas State Historical Association, 1996) and

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