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Richard English (c.1847-1927)
[Participant #E-0050]

Richard English
(c.1847 - 1927)

married 1883 to
Ellen [Russell]
Michael English,
William English,
Margaret English,
Richard English,
Richard English

Migration of Richard ENGLISH & family
Richard English born, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
??circa 1860s??
Richard immigrated to NSW Australia
Ellen Russell immigrated to Australia
son Michael born Waterloo, NSW, Sydney, Australia
circa 1890's
Family moved to Kalgoorie, Western Australia
by 1905
Richard English returns to Sydney
dau Margaret & family moves back to Sydney
1920's- on
Sydney, NSW and Fremantle/Perth, WA
[Participant #E-0050] -- Descendancy and Documentation
  Generation 1:
Richard English was the son of unk. English

Richard English was married to Ellen [Russell]
birthdate: c.1847
birthplace: Co. Tipperary, Ireland
death: 27 Jun 1927
death place: Sydney, NSW, Australia
burial: Northern Suburbs Cemetery, Sydney
spouse: Ellen [Russell]
spouses parents: William Russell & Mary Kiely
spouses birthdate & place: c.1860; Ballyporeen, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
spouses death date and place: 1919, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
spouses burial: x
marriage date: 1883
marriage place: Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia
note: x
  Generation 2:
William English was the son of Richard English & Ellen [Russell]

William English was married to Cordelia Caroline [Lester]
birthdate: 21 Feb 1884
birthplace: Sydney, NSW, Australia
death: 19 Feb 1934
death place: Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
burial: Kalgoorlie Cemetery
spouse: Cordelia Caroline [Lester]
spouses parents: Barnabas Pember & Cordelia Lester
spouses birthdate & place: 22 Feb 1889; Surrey Hills, Sydney, Australia
spouses death date and place: 24 Jan 1953; Perth, Western Australia
spouses burial: x
marriage date: 1909
marriage place: Boulder, West Australia
note: x
  Generation 3:
William Thomas English was the son of William English & Cordelia Caroline [Lester]

William Thomas English was married to Marjorie Clare [(private)]
William Thomas ENGLISH
birthdate: 14 Jun 1910
birthplace: Gwalia, Western Australia
death: 26 Sep 1990
death place: Perth, Western Australia
burial: Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth
spouse: Marjorie Clare [(private)]
spouses parents: x
spouses birthdate & place: x
spouses death date and place: x
spouses burial: x
marriage date: x
marriage place: x
note: x
  Generation 4:
Participant ENGLISH
[Participant #E-0050] - Additional Information
  Research notes:  

Notes: (by Paul English; 01 November 2009)

Children of Richard English (c.1847-1927) and Ellen Russell:
1. Michael English (b.1882, Sydney NSW, m. Mary E. Day, 1911 Coolgardie WA, d. 1946 Fremantle WA )
2. William English (b.1884, Sydney NSW, m. Cordelia Caroline Lester, 1909 Boulder WA, d. 1934 Kalgoorlie WA)
3. Margaret English (b. circa 1886, m. Thomas Quinn, 1904 Kalgoorlie WA, d. 1960s? Sydney NSW)
4. Richard English (b.1891 Sydney – d. 1893 Sydney)
5. Richard English (b.1893 Sydney – d. 1910 Coolgardie WA)
(The order of the male children above is correct; not sure where Margaret fits in)

I tried almost 15 years ago to find a birth record for Richard English, through a Heritage Centre in Tipperary – without success. They mentioned though that the indexing of the records pre 1864 was not yet complete. I intend trying again.

Our family’s stories have it that the Englishes and the Russells knew each other in Co.Tipperary before leaving for Australia. We‘ve found that the Russells lived in the Parish of Templetenny, Clogheen – in the town of Ballyporeen. It’s possible then that the Englishes were of the same parish. Ellen Russell had at least 5 sisters and a brother, all of whom came to Australia. Ellen arrived in Sydney on the "La Hogue" in 1879. Marriage records state that their father William Russell was a farmer. Both Russell and English families were Roman Catholic.

From the naming of his own children we suppose Richard’s father’s name to have been Michael. Richard’s second son William seems to fit the naming practice – being called after his maternal grandfather William Russell. One would expect Richard’s mother’s name to have been Margaret. A suggestion made years ago I will now be following up on – I was told a Michael English and a Margaret Hogan were parenting children in Cappawhite parish in the 1840s ; whether they had a Richard I don’t know.
This parish is distant from Ballyporeen.

We don’t know exactly when Richard English migrated to Australia, but possibly in the mid 1860s. Immigration records have a Richard English arriving in Sydney on the "Ocean Empress" in 1864; his native place Sanballa, Co. Tipperary, parents Michael and Mary English of Cahayall, his age 19, with 5 brothers in the colony of New South Wales (William is mentioned). No hard evidence has been found to confirm this is our ancestor.

Richard and Ellen English moved their family from Sydney to the Western Australian goldmining town of Kalgoorlie sometime in the 1890s. Ellen successfully ran a number of hotels and a large boarding house. By 1905 Richard had left his family and returned to Sydney, where he died in 1927. His death certificate says he had spent about 2 years in the Australian state of Queensland – when, we don’t know. Richard’s daughter Margaret and family returned to Sydney, possibly in the 1920s, but most of the Englishes remained in WA – Richard’s son Michael moving to Fremantle, and Richard’s son William’s family moving to Perth. My father, William Thomas English, had lived in Perth from about 1928, training and working as a teacher ; and in 1936, (two years after William English died ), the rest of the family joined him.


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