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Gavin Inglis (abt. 1709 - aft. 1772)
[Participant #E-0041]

Gavin Inglis
(abt. 1709-aft. 1772)

married bef. 1738
Barbara [Cooper]
2 known children:
Gavina Margaretta Inglis;
John Inglis

Migration of Gavin Inglis & family
born c1709
Lanarkshire, Scotland
by 1744
Dalserf Parish, County Lanark, Scotland
by 1833
Ann Inglis to Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
by 1839
by 01 Jul 1845
Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland
by 1867
Madison Co., Florida USA
by 29 Dec 1872
Bayfield Co., Wisconsin USA
by 1920's
Los Angeles / Ventura Counties, CA USA
[Participant #E-0041] -- Descendancy and Documentation
  Generation 1:
Gavin Inglis was the son of John INGLIS (see notes below)

Gavin Inglis was married to Barbara [Cooper]
birthdate: abt. 1709
birthplace: Lanarkshire, Scotland, very likely Old Stonehouse Parish
death: aft. 1772
death place:
spouse: Barbara [Cooper]
spouses parents:
spouses birthdate & place: born abt. 1711
spouses death date and place:
marriage date:
marriage place:
  Generation 2:
John Inglis was the son of Gavin Inglis & Barbara [Cooper]

John Inglis was married to Jean [Ker(r)]
birthdate: Abt. 1744
birthplace: Dalserf Parish, Co. Lanark, Scotland
death: Aft. 1828
death place: Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland
spouse: Jean [Ker(r)]
spouses parents: John Ker(r) & Ann Stevenson
spouses birthdate & place: Abt. 10 Mar 1750; Dunfermline, Nethertown, Fife, Scotland
spouses death date and place: 24 Feb 1835; Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland
marriage date: Bef. 1772
marriage place: Dunfermline, Nethertown, Fife, Scotland
  Generation 3:
John Inglis, Jr. was the son of John Inglis & Jean [Ker(r)]

John Inglis, Jr. was married to Anne [Wyllie]
John INGLIS, Jr.
birthdate: 29 Nov 1775
birthplace: Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland
death: 31 Oct 1848
death place: Dunfermiline, Nethertown, Fife, Scotland
spouse: Anne [Wyllie]
spouses parents: father, James Wyllie
spouses birthdate & place:
spouses death date and place:
marriage date: 20 Feb 1799
marriage place: Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland
  Generation 4:
Andrew Inglis was the son of John Inglis, Jr. & Anne [Wyllie]

Andrew Inglis was married 1st to Sarah [Livingston]
birthdate: 29 Oct 1815
birthplace: Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland
death: 21 Oct 1867
death place: Madison, Florida USA
spouse: Sarah [Livingston]
spouses parents: Archibald Livingston & Margaret Lietch
spouses birthdate & place:27 Jun 1811; Kilmodan, Argyll, Scotland
spouses death date and place: 1839; England
marriage date:15 Nov 1835
marriage place: Greenock East, Renfrew, Scotland
Note: Andrew Inglis was married 2nd bet. 1839-1842 to Ann King; born 27 Aug 1821, Kilwinning, Ayr, Scotland; died bet. 1845-1850. Andrew Inglis married 3rd to Sarah B.
  Generation 5:
John Livingston Inglis was the son of Andrew Inglis & Sarah [Livingston]

John Livingston Inglis was married to Louise Olive [Thomas]
John Livingston INGLIS
birthdate: 01 Jan 1838
birthplace: Liverpool, England
death: 03 Jun 1917
death place: Jacksonville, Duval, FL, USA
burial: Oakridge Cemetery
spouse: Louise Olive [Thomas]
spouses parents: Samuel Beattie Thomas & Keziah W. Brinson
spouses birthdate & place: 05 Feb 1849; Madison, Florida
spouses death date and place: 28 Sep 1916; Jacksonville, Duval, FL
marriage date: 17 Nov 1869
marriage place: Madison, Florida
Note: x
  Generation 6:
Allick Wyllie Inglis was the son of John Livingston Inglis & Louise Olive [Thomas]

Allick Wyllie Inglis was married to Ora [Durden]
Allick Wyllie INGLIS
birthdate: 07 Feb 1880
birthplace: Madison, Florida
death: 1959
death place: FL
burial: x
spouse: Ora [Durden]
spouses parents: William D. Durden & Joanna
spouses birthdate & place: 31 Jul 1889; Georgia
spouses death date and place: 1978
marriage date: 19 Jan 1916
marriage place: Georgia
Note: x
  Generation 7:
Participant INGLIS
[Participant #E-0041] - Additional Information
  <>Additional information about Paternal Line:
Research finds unconfirmed information about William INGLIS (abt 1610- ) and his son John INGLIS of Dalserf. John INGLIS m. Jean HAMILTON bef 1711. Their children include a smith, Gavin INGLIS (abt 1711- aft 1772), who m. Barbara COOPER. Their children included stocking maker/Musselburg flax mill manager John INGLIS Jr. (29 Nov 1775 Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland-31 Oct 1848 Dunfermline, Nethertown Fife, Scotland), who m. Anne WYLLIE on 20 Feb 1799 in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland. Their children included Andrew INGLIS (29 Oct 1815 Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland-21 Oct 1867 Madison, FL), who m. Ann King (b. 27 Aug 1821 Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Scotland) bef 1842 prob in Ireland. Their children included Robert A. Inglis (1 Jul 1845 Dundalk, Louth, Ireland- 4 Apr 1926 Bayfield, WI), who m. Eunice Frances Leihy (16 Nov 1853- 25 Nov 1887 Bayfield, WI) on 29 Dec 1872 in Bayfield, WI. Their children included John Percy INGLIS (1877-1966), father of the participant.
[Adrienne Inglish; 16 Nov 2006]
  Family history is documented back to Gavin INGLIS.
<> NOTE --It is possible that Gavin INGLIS' father may have been John INGLIS; his grandfather William INGLIS. THIS INFORMATION IS A GUESS.
It was Andrew's sister Ann Inglis who migrated to Tasmania.
Robert, Andrew, and John Livingston Inglis migrated from England to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the 1850s.  Andrew and John L went south to Florida.  Robert joined the 51st Pennsylvania Infantry in the Civil War then settled in Wisconsin.  Andrew joined the U. S. Navy during the war and JL became a Captain in the 3rd Florida regiment.
The family migration pattern was as follows: We have started the family tree with Gavin Inglis [b.circa 1709], who was born in Lanarkshire, Scotland, very likely Old Stonehouse Parish.  Gavin's father, John Inglis, was said to have originated in the borders region of Scotland, but we have no documentation of this.  He was living in Lanarkshire when Gavin was born.  Gavin's son, John, was born in Dalserf, Lanarkshire;  John married Jean Ker from Fife, and lived there his adult life.  Andrew, and all but one of his children were born in Kirkcaldy.  As a adult, Andrew, an engineer, lived in England, Ireland, back to England, then to the U.S. around 1850.   He and his younger son, Robert were in the Union Navy during the U.S. Civil war.  His older son, John L., was in the Confederate army.  John died in Florida;  Robert in Wisconsin. 
[Kay Inglis Bachmann; 4 March 2009]
  Shared ancestry, see also: Participant E-0017  


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