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Henry Beale English (1872-1921)
[Participant #E-0040]

Henry Beale English
( Mar 1872 - 1921)

married 1898 to
Anna C. [Smith]
John Richard English

Migration of Henry Beale ENGLISH & family
bef. 1872
father born in PA?, mother born in IL?
March 1872
born -Paducah, McCracken Co, KY
by 1898
East St. Louis City, St. Clair, IL
by 1910
Kansas City, Jackson, MO
by 1930
Los Angeles, CA
[Participant #E-0040] -- Descendancy and Documentation
  Generation 1:
Henry Beale English was the son of ____ English

Henry Beale English was married to Anna C. [Smith]
birthdate: Mar 1872
birthplace: Paducah, McCracken Co, KY
death: 1921
death place: Kansas City, Jackson, MO
burial: x
spouse: Anna C. [Smith]
spouses parents: George H. Smith & Sarah Dovey Fetter
spouses birthdate & place: Mar 1875; Higginsville, Lafayette, MO
spouses death date and place: 28 Dec 1962; Los Angeles, CA
spouses burial: x
marriage date: 1898
marriage place: x
note: x
  Generation 2:
John Richard English was the son of Henry Beale English & Anna C. [Smith]

John Richard English was married to Louise F. [Frantz]
John Richard ENGLISH
birthdate: 1898
birthplace: St. Clair, MO
death: x
death place: x
burial: x
spouse: Louise F. [Frantz]
spouses parents:
spouses birthdate & place: 1899; OK
spouses death date and place: x
spouses burial: x
marriage date: x
marriage place: x
note: x
  Generation 3:
  Generation 4:
Participant ENGLISH
[Participant #E-0040] - Additional Information
  Research note:  


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