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John (RWS) English (1746-1844) Lycoming Co., PA
[Participant #E-0038]

John (RWS) English
(1746 - 1844 PA)

married: 1783
to: Fanny [Boatman]
Their 10 children:
John English,
Margaret English,
Mary 'Polly' English,
James English,
Claudius English
Elisabeth 'Lissie' English,
Fanny English,
Wm. 'Uncle Billy' English,
Thomas English,
Sarah English

Migration of John (RWS) English & family
1746 born America? Ireland?
1783 married Northumberland Co., PA
[Participant #E-0038] -- Descendancy and Documentation

Generation 1:
John (RWS) ENGLISH was the son of ____
John (RWS) ENGLISH was the brother of James (1745), William (1758), & Rebecca (1762)

John (RWS) ENGLISH was married to Fanny [Boatman]
birthdate: 1750
birthplace: Pennsylvania? America? Ireland? (see research notes below)
death: 1844
death place: Waterville, Lycoming Co., PA
burial: English Island at Waterville, Lycoming Co., PA
spouse: Fanny [Boatman]
spouses parents: Claudius Boatman & Esther Callahan
spouses birthdate & place: 1752; Lycoming Co., PA
spouses death date and place: 1844; Waterville, Lycoming Co., PA, bur.English Island
marriage date: 1780/1781* (see research notes below)
marriage place: Northumberland Co., PA
Note: x

  Generation 2:
William 'Uncle Billy' ENGLISH was the son of John (RWS) English &Fanny [Boatman]

William 'Uncle Billy' ENGLISH was married to Margaret [Morrison]
William 'Uncle Billy' ENGLISH
birthdate: 20 Sep 1793
birthplace: Pine Twp, Lycoming Co., PA
death: 13 Jun 1870
death place: English Center, Pine Twp, Lycoming Co., PA
burial: x
spouse: Margaret [Morrison]
spouses parents: Jeremiah Morrison
spouses birthdate & place: 10 Aug 1799; Lycoming Co., PA
spouses death date and place: 23 Jan 1873; English Center, Pine Twp, Lycoming Co., PA
marriage date: 04 Jul 1813
marriage place: Lycoming Co., PA
Note: x
  Generation 3:
John William ENGLISH was the son of William 'Uncle Billy' English & Margaret [Morrison]

John William ENGLISH was married 1st to Joanna [Ayres]
John William ENGLISH
birthdate: 06 Mar 1823
birthplace: Pine Twp, Lycoming Co, PA
death: 15 Mar 1896
death place: Pine Twp, Lycoming Co, PA
burial: x
spouse: Joanna [Ayres]
spouses parents: John S. Ayres & Sarah
spouses birthdate & place: 1832; PA
spouses death date and place: 1872; PA
marriage date: 1852
marriage place: x
Note: John Willam English married 2nd after 1872 to Mariah McGloghlin (Mrs. Mariah Johnson?)
  Generation 4:
Harvey Rufus ENGLISH was the son of John William English & Joanna [Ayres]

Harvey Rufus ENGLISH was married to Bertha M. [Ferguson]
Harvey Rufus ENGLISH
birthdate: Nov 1859
birthplace: PA
death: x
death place: x
burial: x
spouse:Bertha M. [Ferguson]
spouses parents: James Ferguson & Ellen Douglas Keeney
spouses birthdate & place: 19 Apr 1864; Bradford Co., PA
spouses death date and place: 05 Apr 1918; Bradford Co., PA
marriage date: 1887
marriage place: x
Note: x
  Generation 5:
Harvey Douglas ENGLISH, Sr. was the son of Harvey Rufus English & Bertha M. [Ferguson]

Harvey Douglas ENGLISH, Sr. was married to Eva [Shakespeare]
Harvey Douglas ENGLISH, Sr.
birthdate: 09 May 1899
birthplace: x
death: 10 Mar 1955
death place: x
burial: x
spouse: Eva [Shakespeare]
spouses parents: Frederick Shakespeare & Mary Mina Severt
spouses birthdate & place: 05 Feb 1913; Hancock, NY
spouses death date and place: 11 Sep 1976; FL
marriage date: 22 Jul 1934
marriage place: Windsor, NY
Note: x
  Generation 6:
Participant ENGLISH
[Participant #E-0038] - Additional Information
  Research Notes:  
  * A few comments: if John and Fanny's dau. Margaret English was b. 1783 as her obit states (my line) and son John English was b. 1781 as commonly accepted, John & Fanny were perhaps more likely m. 1780 or 1781 at the latest. There is no marriage date for them. 

On migration path: there were Englishes in SE Pa. in and near Phila. in the 1680s and 1690s. By 1719 or 1729 (forget which) Joseph English purchased land on the Susquehanna River near present Millersburg, PA about 75 miles below where John English settled in 1783. In my OPINION John and siblings were b. in Pa.   In 1892 the definitive Lycoming Co. History book was written. The author interviewed many descendant branches. One of them said that John English was b. in Ireland. The English name in Ireland goes back to the 1200s which would make them Irish rather than Scotch-Irish to some people's chagrin. Although the name English probably means that they were originally from England and perhaps came to Ireland as Normans which matches the 1200 date. Perhaps that redeems them again. In the 1600s and 1700s some of these Englishes were Quakers.   Pa. was established by William Penn as a haven for Quakers. All of this connection is intuitive and not documented but probably generally defines the English route to and in PA.

You say the family remains in the same place over time (Waterville, Pa.1780s to the present) and my grandmother ...was the 6th generation of her family to live in that place. Some other branches scattered over the whole country. Waterville is a little village of perhaps 100 people today but was a booming place in the Pa. lumber era.  (Clarke Glennon; 29 Dec 2007)
  See also: Family page on the English Plantation  


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