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Daniel ENGLISH (1763-1844 )
[Participant #E-0022]

Daniel English

married to:
Barbara [Oliphant]

Children of Daniel & Barbara [Oliphant] English:
1. Daniel English,
2. Jane English,
3. John English,
4. Margaret English,
5. Richard English,
6. William English,
7. Leoise English,
8. Sidney Smith English

Migration of Daniel English & family
born 1763
Dumfries, Scotland
Sep 1783
married in Carlisle, Cumberland, England
by 1800
Carrickfergus, County Anteim, Ireland
bef 1828
Halton County, Ontario, Canada
+ Saskatchewan, Canada
+ Vancouver, British Columbia
[Participant #E-0022] -- Descendancy and Documentation
  Generation 1:
Daniel English was the son of ___ ENGLISH

Daniel English was married to Barbara [Oliphant]
birthdate: 1763
birthplace: Dumfries, Scotland
death: 1844
death place: Oakville West, Ontario, Canada
spouse: Barbara [Oliphant]
spouses parents:
spouses birthdate & place: 29 Nov 1763; Carlisle, Cumberland, England
spouses death date and place: 08 Dec 1855; Ontario, Canada
marriage date: 13 Sep 1783
marriage place: St. Mary, Carlisle, Cumberland, England

  Generation 2:
Sidney Smith English was the son of Daniel English & Barbara [Oliphant]

Sidney Smith English was married to Mary Chisholm [Land]
Sidney Smith ENGLISH
birthdate: 14 Apr 1805
birthplace: Carrickfergus, County Anteim, Ireland
death: 24 Dec 1875
death place: Ontario, Canada
spouse: Mary Chisholm [Land]
spouses parents: Ephraim Land & Mary Christina Chisholm
spouses birthdate & place: 02 Jun 1807; Barton Twp., Ontario, Canada
spouses death date and place: 05 Mar 1888; Canada
marriage date: 26 Jul 1825
marriage place: Ontario, Canada
note: Fourteen children born to Sidney Smith ENGLISH & Mary Chisholm [Land], all b. Ontario CAN
  Generation 3:
Ephraim Land English was the son of Sidney Smith English & Mary Chisholm [Land]

Ephraim Land English was married to Maria [Freed]
Ephraim Land ENGLISH
birthdate: 27 Nov 1837
birthplace: Windy Hill Farm, Ontario, Canada
death: 12 Oct 1908
death place: Grenfell, Saskatchewan, Canada
spouse: Maria [Freed]
spouses parents: John Freed & Sophia Bates
spouses birthdate & place: 12 Feb 1837; East Sutton, Kent, England
spouses death date and place: 21 Dec 1895; Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
marriage date: 12 Oct 1862
marriage place:
  Generation 4:
Herbert Freed English was the son of Ephraim Land English & Maria [Freed]

Herbert Freed English was married to Alice Janey [Mclean]
Herbert Freed ENGLISH
birthdate: 03 Aug 1865
birthplace: Windy Hills Farm, Halton, Cp., Milton, Ontario, Canada
death: 04 Oct 1944
death place:
spouse: Alice Janey [Mclean]
spouses parents: Andrew Mclean & Mary Jane English
spouses birthdate & place: 29 Jan 1862; St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
spouses death date and place: Nov 1918; Grenfell, Saskatchewan, Canada
marriage date: Bef. 1901
marriage place:
note: First cousins married. Spouse Alice Janey [Mclean] married 1st to Sidney Lutz; 3 children..
  Generation 5:
Ernest A. English was the son of Herbert Freed English & Alice Janey [Mclean]

  Generation 6:
  Generation 7:
Participant ENGLISH
[Participant #E-0022] - Additional Information
  NOTES: Project member [E-0019] provides this information (28 May 2007):

“Speaking of genealogy, I looked up the records of Daniel English 1763-1844, most distant ancestor of
[E-0022].  In the record of his marriage to Barbara Oliphant, the earliest record certainly identifiable as his, his name is spelled Daniel INGLISH, a spelling variant (and apparently a variant pronunciation as well) of Inglis sometimes seen in Scottish records. I am sure he is one of us.  (There is no birth record for a Daniel Inglish or English in 1763 in the Scottish Church Records Index for Dumfries or anywhere else in Scotland, but interestingly there was a Daniel Inglis, son of John Inglis and Jean Broun, baptized in Dalkeith, Midlothian on January 18, 1763. Dalkieth is quite a ways from Dumfries, but Daniel is not a common Scottish name and there were no other Daniel Inglises, Inglishes or Englishes born anywhere in Scotland even close to this year.  I can't think of any way to tell if this is the right Daniel, unfortunately..."


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