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Peter Inglis (1772 - 22 Oct 1837)
[Participant #E-0021]

Peter Inglis(1772- 1837)

Peter Inglis married
bef. 1810
Isabella [unk.]
Children of Peter & Isabella:
Andrew W. Inglis;
George E. Inglis;
James Inglis;
John Inglis;
Peter Inglis

Migration of Peter Inglis & family
by 1816
Berwick, Scotland
aft. 1837
Cramahe, Ontario, Canada
George Inglis to United States
Lincoln, Kansas
by 1908
Buffalo, New York
Rochester, NY
[Participant #E-0021] -- Descendancy and Documentation
  Generation 1:
Peter Inglis was the son of ___ INGLIS

Peter Inglis was married to Isabella [unk.]
birthdate: 1772
birthplace: Scotland
death: 22 Oct 1837
death place: Scotland
spouse: Isabella [unk.]
spouses parents:
spouses birthdate & place: 1784; Scotland
spouses death date and place: 15 Oct 1845; Colborne, Northumberland Co., Ontario
marriage date: bef. 1810
marriage place: Scotland
Note: After Peter died (1837), his wife Isabella and their five sons immigrated to Cramahe, Ontario, Canada over a period of years.

  Generation 2:
George E. Inglis was the son of Peter INGLIS & Isabella [unk.]

George E. Inglis was married to Sarah [Leitch]
George E. INGLIS
birthdate: 1813
birthplace: Berwick, Scotland
death: 16 Sep 1885
death place: Cramahe, Ontario, Canada
spouse: Sarah [Leitch]
spouses parents: Henry Leach & Ann
spouses birthdate & place: 1821; County Cavan, Ireland
spouses death date and place: 1892; Colborne, Ontario, Canada
marriage date: 21 Feb 1840
marriage place: Cramahe Twp., Ontario
Note: George spent most of his life in Cramahe and had thirteen children
  Generation 3:
George Wallace Inglis was the son of George E. INGLIS & Sarah [Leitch]

George Wallace Inglis was married to Annie Estelle [Crassous]
George Wallace INGLIS
birthdate: 22 Sep 1854
birthplace: Cramahe, Ontario, Canada
death: 09 Jan 1927
death place: Buffalo, New York
spouse: Annie Estelle [Crassous]
spouses parents: Eugene Crassous & Eliza Marvin
spouses birthdate & place: 07 Sep 1862 ; New Jersey
spouses death date and place: 11 Oct 1940 ; Lockport, New York
marriage date: 1882
marriage place: Buffalo, New York
  Generation 4:
Frank Marvin Inglis was the son of George Wallace INGLIS & Annie Estelle [Crassous]

Frank Marvin Inglis was married to Clara Isabelle [Walters]
Frank Marvin INGLIS
birthdate: 17 Jan 1883
birthplace: Buffalo, New York
death: 22 Apr 1929
death place: Rochester, NY
burial: Forest Lawn Cemetery,  Buffalo, NY
spouse: Clara Isabelle [Walters]
spouses parents: Edward Walters & Elizabeth Eppele
spouses birthdate & place: 05 Sep 1885; Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio
spouses death date and place: 22 May 1948; West Hollywood, CA; Forest Lawn Cem. NY
marriage date: bef. Feb 1909
marriage place: Buffalo, Erie, New York
  Generation 5:
Harlan King Inglis was the son of Frank Marvin INGLIS & Clara Isabelle [Walters]

Harlan King Inglis was married to Doris [ __ ]
Harlan King INGLIS
birthdate: 22 Feb 1917
birthplace: Rochester, Monroe, New York
death: 23 Jan 1978
death place: Monterey, Monterey, CA
spouse: Doris [ __ ]
spouses parents:
spouses birthdate & place:
spouses death date and place:
marriage date:
marriage place:
  Generation 6:
Participant INGLIS
[Participant #E-0021] - Additional Information
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