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James Inglis (c1785-aft.1830)
[Participant #E-0020]

James Inglis(c1785-aft. 1830)
Child of James Inglis:
John Inglis (1810-1882)

John Inglis married 1st 1833 to
Ann [Rowan]
Children of John & Ann:
John William Inglis,
Sarah Inglis,
James Charles Inglis,
Henry Inglis,
George Henry Inglis,
Edward Innes Inglis,
Robert Alfred Inglis,
Frederick Lambert Inglis
Julia Margaret Inglis,
Kenneth Malcolm Inglis
Herbert Gordon Inglis

John Inglis married 2nd 1849 to
Margaret [Innes]
children of John & Margaret:
Edward Augustus Inglis
Harry William Inglis

Migration of James Inglis & family
Haddington (East Lothian)
Heavitree (Exeter, Devon. England)
Hulme (Manchester. England)
Farnborough (Hampshire. England)
Frimley Green (Surrey. England)
[Participant #E-0020] -- Descendancy and Documentation
  Generation 1:
James Inglis was the son of ___ INGLIS

James Inglis was married to unk [unk]
birthdate: about 1785
death: after 1830
death place:
spouses parents:
spouses birthdate & place:
spouses death date and place:
marriage date:
marriage place:
Note: He was in the 25th Foot Regiment (Kings Own Scottish Borderers)

  Generation 2:
John Inglis was the son of James Inglis & unk [unk]

John Inglis was married to Ann [Rowan]
birthdate: abt. November 1810
birthplace: Haddington, Scotland
death: 21 December 1882
death place: 29 Canterbury Street, Gillingham, Kent.
spouse: Ann [Rowan]
spouses parents:
spouses birthdate & place: Abt. 1815
spouses death date and place: Bet. 1847 – 1848 Madras India.
marriage date: 17 April 1833
marriage place: Georgetown Demerara, Guyana
Note: He enlisted in 25th Foot Regiment (Kings Own Scottish Borderers) in 1824
and served for 22 years. He married Margaret Innes 11 July 1849 in Madras India.
  Generation 3:
James Charles Inglis was the 2nd son of John Inglis & Ann [Rowan]

James Charles Inglis was married to Mary Elizabeth [Hood]
James Charles INGLIS
birthdate: 13 September 1840
birthplace: Heavitree, Exeter. Devon
death: 28 May 1869
death place: Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester. UK.
spouse: Mary Elizabeth [Hood]
spouses parents: Edward Hood & Ann Midwinter
spouses birthdate & place: bet. Jan – Mar 1845, Chipping Norton, Oxford.
spouses death date and place: 17 April 1885, Manchester.
marriage date: 27 Oct 1863
marriage place: Parish Church Chatham, Kent
Note: He served for about 6 years in 14th Kings Hussars. Then was a Fencing / Gym Instructor at the Anthenium Club in Manchester.
  Generation 4:
Harry William Inglis was the 2nd son of James Charles Inglis & Mary Elizabeth [Hood]

Harry William Inglis was married to Sarah Ann [Hernon]
Harry William INGLIS
birthdate: 2 July 1868
birthplace: 36 Bootle Street, Hulme, Manchester, Lancashire
death: 15 May 1917
death place: 135 Peabody Road, Farnborough, Hants.
burial: The Garrison Church of St Michael and All Angels, Deepcut, Surrey.
spouse: Sarah Ann [Hernon]
spouses parents: Andrew Hernon and Hannah Hope of Birr, Ireland.
spouses birthdate & place: Abt. April 1874
spouses death date and place: 18 September 1952. Frimley Green, Surrey.
marriage date: 18 October 1893
marriage place: Birr, Ireland.
Note: He served for 19.5 years in The South Lancashire Regiment. Then was a Barrack warden at Deepcut, Died of Heart Attack.
  Generation 5:
Ernest James Inglis was the son (8th child) of Inglis & Sarah Ann [Hernon]

Ernest James Inglis was married to Marjorie Florence [Howes]
Earnest James INGLIS
birthdate: 15 July 1911
birthplace: 135 Peabody Road, Farnborough, Hants.
death: 08 March 1990
death place: 123 Upper College Ride, Old Dean Estate, Camberley, Surrey.
burial: Cremated at Aldershot. Hants.
spouse: Marjorie Florence [Howes]
spouses parents: William Thomas Howes & Clarence Mary Sittang Scorah.
spouses birthdate & place: 31 October 1915. Rawlpindi, India.
spouses death date and place: 5 April 1997, Frimley Park Hospital, Camberley, Surrey.
marriage date: 14 March 1936
marriage place: Brentford, Registry Office
Note: Had a Total of 13 Children – 7 Girls and 6 Boys.
  Generation 6:
Participant INGLIS
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