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Henry Inglis (bef.1725-unk)
[Participant #E-0019]

Henry Inglis

married 06 Mar 1740
to: Janet [Kilgour]

Children of Henry & Janet [Kilgour] Inglis:
Andrew Inglis,
Margaret Inglis,
Anna Inglis,
Isabel Inglis,
George Inglis,
Janet Inglis,
John Inglis,
Mary Inglis,
Henry Inglis

Migration of Henry Inglis & family
born bef. 1725
Fife, Scotland
March 1740
married in Auchterderran, Fife, Scotland
July 1774
son George marries in Dunfermline, Scotland
bet 1841-1843
Dublin, Ireland
by July 1854
Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
by 1865
near Falkirk, Stirling, Scotland
by 1871
Ballsbridge, Dublin, Ireland
desc. to Paris, France for two years
abt. 1888
London, England
Montreal, Quebec, Canada North America
bet. 1903-1910
Ottawa, Ontario & other places in Canada
Rochester, Monroe, New York USA
[Participant #E-0019] -- Descendancy and Documentation
  Generation 1:
Henry Inglis was the son of ___ INGLIS

Henry Inglis was married to Janet [Kilgour]
birthdate: bef. 1725
birthplace: Fife, Scotland
death: unk.
death place: likely Fife, Scotland
spouse: Janet [Kilgour]
spouses parents:
spouses birthdate & place:
spouses death date and place:
marriage date: 06 Mar 1740
marriage place: Auchterderran, Fife, Scotland

  Generation 2:
George Inglis was the son of Henry Inglis & Janet [Kilgour]

George Inglis was married to Elizabeth [Alexander]
birthdate: 01 Mar 1747
birthplace: Windyedge, Beath, Fife, Scotland
death: 13 Jun 1844
death place: Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
spouse: Elizabeth [Alexander]
spouses parents: James Alexander & Janet MacArthur
spouses birthdate & place: 31 Oct 1752; Dunfermline
spouses death date and place: 31 Mar 1810; Dunfermline
marriage date: 19 Jul 1774
marriage place: Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
Note: George Inglis married 2nd on 14 Sep 1816 to Jean Reid (12 Aug 1779 -14 Apr 1819), d/o John Reid & Jean Stalker.
  Generation 3:
James Inglis was the son of George Inglis & Elizabeth [Alexander]

James Inglis was married to Jean [Gillis]
birthdate: 13 Sep 1780
birthplace: Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
death: 07 Nov 1860
death place: Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
spouse: Jean [Gillis]
spouses parents: father William Gillis, writer, and Janet Glover (the Edinburgh records spell the
name "Gilles", while the Dunfermline records equally consistently spell it "Gillis").

spouses birthdate & place: March 3, 1777 in Edinburgh
spouses death date and place: probably died before 1821
marriage date: 03 Jun 1802 in Edinburgh
marriage place: Edinburgh, Scotland
Note: James Inglis married 2nd in Paisley, Renfrew on 25 Nov 1821 to Elizabeth (Eliza) Kirkaldy (04 Sep 1782 unk.), d/o Thomas Kirkaldy & Mary Thomson.
  Generation 4:
William Inglis was the son of James Inglis & Jean [Gillis]

William Inglis was married to Isabella [Malcolm]
William INGLIS
birthdate: 23 Aug 1805
birthplace: Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
death: 25 Jul 1883
death place: Ballsbridge, Dublin, Ireland
spouse: Isabella [Malcolm]
spouses parents: John Malcolm & Catherine Wilson
spouses birthdate & place: 16 Aug 1812; Dunfermline
spouses death date and place: Abt. 1891; probably in Dublin, Ireland
marriage date: 26 Nov 1835
marriage place: Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
  Generation 5:
John Malcolm Inglis was the son of William Inglis & Isabella [Malcolm]

John Malcolm Inglis was married to Caroline [Johnston]
John Malcolm INGLIS
birthdate: 04 Dec 1837
birthplace: Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
death: 24 Apr 1902
death place: Montrose, Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland
spouse: Caroline [Johnston]
spouses parents: John Johnston, JP & Jean McKewn
spouses birthdate & place: December 17, 1839; Dublin, Ireland
spouses death date and place: Abt. 1909; Dublin
marriage date: 18 Dec 1862
marriage place: Sandymount Presbyterian Church in Dublin, Ireland
  Generation 6:
Johnston Johnston Inglis was the son of John Malcolm Inglis & Caroline [Johnston]

Johnston Johnston Inglis was married to Margaret Anne [Dinsmore]
Johnston Johnston INGLIS
birthdate: 28 Aug 1867
birthplace: Monkstown, Dublin, Ireland
death: 02 Sep 1946
death place: Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA
burial: Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NY
spouse: Margaret Anne [Dinsmore]
spouses parents: Ephraim & Elizabeth Dinsmore
spouses birthdate & place: April 1880 in York Center, Livingston Co.,, New York
spouses death date and place: 1959; Rochester, NY- Mount Hope Cemetery
marriage date: 13 Aug 1914
marriage place: Rochester, Monroe, New York
  Generation 7:
George Malcolm Inglis was the son of Johnston Johnston Inglis & Margaret Anne [Dinsmore]
  Generation 8:
Participant INGLIS
[Participant #E-0019] - Additional Information
  <>Additional information about Paternal Line:
Family legend has it that this Inglis family is related to the other Fife Inglises and to at least some of the Midlothian Inglises, having been in Fife since the days of Malcolm Canmore. The earliest verifiable ancestor, however, is Henry Inglis, who married Janet Kilgour March 6, 1740 in Auchterderran. He may be the Henry Ingles, eldest son of Andrew Ingles, tenant in Barns of Inchderny, and his wife Issobel Bogie, who was baptized on November 3, 1717 in Kinglassie; he is quite likely to have been the Henry Inglis, brewer in Auchterderran, who died about 1776 leaving the bulk of his estate, including the tack of half of Ballingry, to his eldest son Andrew; but there is no documentary proof of any of this. Henry's father was probably a tenant farmer; after Henry, the family seems to have all been merchants of some sort.
(Mark Inglis, 16 Nov 2006)


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