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Nathaniel Jerome English (1784 Putman Co, NY- aft. 1865 Windsor, Broome, NY)
[Participant #E-0015]

Nathaniel Jerome English
(1784 NY- aft. 1865 NY)

married: About 1805
to: Elizabeth [Brewer]
William English,
Nancy English,
Abraham English,
Julia English,
Amanda English,
Samuel English,
Albert English,
Pinkney A. English,
Daniel English,
Louisa English

Migration of Nathaniel Jerome English & family
born Putnam Co. New York State , USA
married: Hunter Twn, Greene Co., New York
(once Ulster Co., NY)
by 1835
living in Windsor, Broome, NY
by 1906
grandson George English to California
[Participant #E-0015] -- Descendancy and Documentation

Generation 1:
Nathaniel Jerome English was the son of ___ English

Nathaniel Jerome English was married first to Elizabeth [Brewer]
Nathaniel Jerome ENGLISH
birthdate: 1784
birthplace: New York, USA
death: after 1865 Census
death place: Windsor, Broome Co., N.Y.
burial: Dutchtown Cemetery, Windsor, Broome, NY
spouse: Elizabeth [Brewer]
spouses parents: Peter Brewer & Elizabeth Stone (both born in Holland)
spouses birthdate & place: 28 Jun 1784; Putman, New York
spouses death date and place: 03 May 1849; Windsor, Broome, NY
marriage date: Abt. 1805
marriage place: Hunter Twn, Greene Co., New York
Note: Nathaniel Jerome English was married 2nd to Sarah Merriman abt. 1851

  Generation 2:
Albert English was the son of Nathaniel Jerome English and wife Elizabeth [Brewer]

Albert English was married to Cornelia [Bedient]
birthdate: 11 May 1822
birthplace: Hunter, Greene Co., NY
death: 04 Jan 1884
death place: East Windsor, Broome Co., NY
burial: East Windsor Cemetery
spouse: Cornelia [Bedient]
spouses parents: Jesse Bedient & Minerva Jocelyn
spouses birthdate & place: 02 Sep 1833; Butternuts, Otsego Co., NY
spouses death date and place: 10 Feb 1910; Windsor, Broome Co., NY
marriage date: 1850
marriage place: New York; probably Butternuts, Otsego Co., NY
  Generation 3:
George Hobart English was the son of Albert English and wife Cornelia [Bedient]

George Hobart English was married to Emma Adelia [Doolittle]
George Hobart ENGLISH
birthdate: 07 Sep 1858
birthplace: East Windsor, Broome Co., NY
death: 22 Jul 1918
death place: Hollywood, Los Angeles Co., California
burial: Hollywood Cemetery
spouse: Emma Adelia [Doolittle]
spouses parents: Harvey Perkins Doolittle & Maryette Doolittle
spouses birthdate & place: 26 Jan 1863; Windsor, Broome, NY
spouses death date and place: 23 Dec 1957; Hollywood, Los Angeles Co., CA
marriage date: 27 Oct 1881
marriage place: Bainbridge, Chenango Co., NY
  Generation 4:
Albert English was the son of George Hobart English and wife Emma Adelia [Doolittle]

Albert English was married to Theo Darling [Comstock]
birthdate: 14 Sep 1885
birthplace: East Windsor, Broome Co., NY
death: 13 Oct 1948
death place: California
burial: Grandview Cemetery
spouse: Theo Darling [Comstock]
spouses parents: Charles Asa Comstock & Cora May Darling
spouses birthdate & place: 14 Apr 1884; Windsor, Broome Co., NY
spouses death date and place: 14 Oct 1975; burial Grandview Cemetery
marriage date: 24 Oct 1905
marriage place: Windsor, Broome Co., NY
  Generation 5:
Gordon C. English, Sr. son of Albert English & Theo Darling [Comstock]
[Participant #E-0015] - Additional Information
  Personal Project Goal: To establish a DNA relationship between two families located in 1780s New York.  
  Background: Baptism record places Nathaniel Jerome English in Carmel, Putnam Co., New York as early as February 14, 1789. (Gilead Presbyterian Church). The likely candidate thought to be his father may be found in Albany, NY.  DNA evidence needed to help direct research.

  Research Note : Nathaniel Jerome ENGLISH (born 1784 - died after 1865 Census, Windsor, Broome, NY) should not be confused with Nathaniel ENGLISH (born 1787- died 1836 Barker, Broome, NY). These two men are located in the same county and raised families there, but are not known to be related. To further confuse the issue, both married women named Elizabeth. [Nathaniel Jerome English married abt. 1805 to Eliz. BREWER; Nathaniel English married abt. 1809 to Eliz. BARBER]  
  Researching: Contact Gordon English | Email:  


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