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James Curry English (1818 NJ - 1889 Philadelphia, PA)
[Participant #E-0013]

James Curry English
(1818 NJ- 1889PA)

married bef.1841 to:
Catherine Anne [Goldsmith]
1. George Thomas English
2. Hannah English
3. James C. English
4. Katherine G. 'Kate' English
5. Edmund C. English
6. Elwood E. English
7. Ida English
8. Adelaide English

Migration of James Curry English & family
bef c1804
unidentified parents both born in New Jersey, USA
Salem Co., New Jersey, USA
bet 1840-1850
NJ to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
[Participant #E-0013] -- Descendancy and Documentation
  Generation 1:
James Curry English was the son of ____ English

James Curry English was married to Catherine Anne [Goldsmith]
James Curry ENGLISH
birthdate: 1818
birthplace: Salem Co., New Jersey, USA
death: 24 October 1889
death place: likely Philadelphia. Pennsylvania
burial: Greenwood Cemetery in Philadelphia
spouse: Catherine Anne [Goldsmith]
spouses parents: Mother's name is Elizabeth 'Eliza' (b.c1792)
spouses birthdate & place: 26 August 1819; Chester, Delaware Co., PA
spouses death date and place: 29 November 1889; PA; Greenwood Cemetery.
marriage date: bef. 1841
marriage place:
  Generation 2:
Edmund Curry English was the son of James C. English and wife Catherine Anne [Goldsmith]

Edmund Curry English was married to Mary [Ardrey]
Edmund Curry ENGLISH
birthdate: 18 Apr 1852
birthplace: Philadelphia, PA
death: 13 Jun 1905
death place: Philadelphia, PA
spouse: Mary [Ardrey]
spouses parents: Robert Ardrey & Ann
spouses birthdate & place: Feb 1864
spouses death date and place: 10 Jan 1923; Philadelphia, PA
marriage date: bef. 1885
marriage place:
  Generation 3:
Robert Ardrey English was the son of Edmund Curry English and wife Mary [Ardrey]

Robert Ardrey English was married to Elizabeth Marie [Sailer]
Robert Ardrey ENGLISH
birthdate: 15 Feb 1888
birthplace: Philadelphia, PA
death: Mar 1965
death place: Tampa, Hillsborough Co., Florida
spouse: Elizabeth Marie [Sailer]
spouses parents: father Joseph Sailer & Mary A.
spouses birthdate & place: 18 Jul 1890; New York City, NY
spouses death date and place: Jan 1958; Prospect Park, Delaware Co., PA
marriage date: bef. 1909
marriage place:
  Generation 4:
Robert Ardrey English, Jr. was the son of Robert Ardrey English and wife Elizabeth Marie [Sailer]

Robert Ardrey English, Jr. was married to Janice Engard [Bond]
Robert Ardrey ENGLISH, Jr.
birthdate: 11 Jul 1909
birthplace: Philadelphia, PA
death: 30 Jan 1989
death place: Mantua, Gloucester Co., NJ
spouse: Janice Engard [Bond]
spouses parents: George Nelson Lafayette Bond & Stella Frances Brown
spouses birthdate & place: 07 Oct 1911; Collingswood, NJ
spouses death date and place: Oct 1986; Mantua, Gloucester Co., NJ
marriage date:
marriage place:
  Generation 5:
Robert David English was the son of Robert Ardrey English, Jr. and wife Janice Engard [Bond]
  Generation 6:
Participant ENGLISH
[Participant #E-0013] - Additional Information
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