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James English (21 Jun 1781 - aft. 1850 Westmoreland, VA)
[Participant #E-0012]

James English
(21 Jun 1781 - aft. 1850)

married: 10 Dec 1803
Westmoreland, VA ?
to: Jane [King]
Known children:
Ann H. English,
James W. English,
John English,
Samuel Walker English,
Benjamin English,
(additional son & daughter reported in census data)

Migration of James English & family
21 Jun 1781
James English born somewhere in USA
Family remains in same area over time.
1810-1840 census
Westmoreland Co., Virginia, USA (see below*)
1850 census
Cople Parish, Westmoreland, VA
1860 census
Eastern Dist, Westmoreland, VA
1870 census
Cople, Westmoreland, VA
1880 census
Westmoreland, VA
1900 - 1930
Westmoreland, VA
[Participant #E-0012] -- Descendancy and Documentation
  Generation 1:
James English was the son of _____ English

James English was married to Jane [King]
birthdate: 21 Jun 1781
birthplace: USA , possilby Virginia
death: Bet. 1850 - 1860
death place: Westmoreland Co., VA
spouse: Jane [King]
spouses parents: William King & Polly
spouses birthdate & place: c1784; Westmoreland Co., VA
spouses death date and place: Bet. 1850 - 1860
marriage date: 10 Dec 1803
marriage place: Westmoreland Co., VA?
  Generation 2:
Samuel Walker English was the son of James English and wife Jane [King]

Samuel Walker English was married to Sarah Ann [Delano]
Samuel Walker ENGLISH
birthdate: c1817
birthplace: Westmoreland Co., VA
death: 21 Sep 1895
death place:
spouse: Sarah Ann [Delano]
spouses parents: George Delano & Nancy Alderson Davis
spouses birthdate & place: c1830; VA
spouses death date and place: Bet. 1868 - 1870; likely Westmoreland, VA
marriage date: 23 Dec 1844
marriage place: Westmoreland, VA
  Generation 3:
George Washington English was the son of Samuel Walker English and wife Sarah Ann [Delano]

George Washington English was married to Mary Frances [Lewis]
George Washington ENGLISH
birthdate: 02 Oct 1847
birthplace: Westmoreland, VA
death: 23 Feb 1926
death place:
spouse: Mary Frances [Lewis]
spouses parents: John Lewis & Ellen
spouses birthdate & place: Apr 1854; VA
spouses death date and place: 1924
marriage date: 03 Jan 1874
marriage place: VA
  Generation 4:
Lloyd Washington English was the son of George Washington English and wife Mary Frances [Lewis]

Lloyd Washington English was married to Camilla Francis [Dobyns]
Lloyd Washington ENGLISH
birthdate: 29 Sep 1877
birthplace: Westmoreland, VA
death: 14 Oct 1938
death place:
spouse: Camilla Francis [Dobyns]
spouses parents: George Washington Dobyns, Sr. & Camilla Alice 'Millie' Hogan
spouses birthdate & place: c1884; VA
spouses death date and place: aft. 1930
marriage date: c1906
marriage place:
  Generation 5:
Lloyd Washington English, Jr. was the son of Lloyd Washington English and wife Camilla Francis [Dobyns]

Lloyd Washington English, Jr. was married to Rosa Starke [___]
  Generation 6:
Participant ENGLISH
[Participant #E-0012] - Additional Information
  Personal Project Goal: To establish connection through DNA evidence between earliest ancestor James English (1781) to an earlier Westmoreland, VA resident, Walter English (arrived as indentured servant 1655)  
"As far as I know, the English family has always lived on this penninsula (the land lying between the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay, in Virginia). The earliest known English arrived as an indentured servant in 1655. I have not been able to directly trace my ancestry to this person nor determine from what country he migrated. He arrived with three other indentured servants with very Irish sounding names but he could as easily have come from England. There is also a "rumor" that we may be descended from two or three English brothers who migrated to this area from the Norfolk, Virginia area.
There exist much "family tree" information scattered among several relatives but it has never been compiled into a comprehensive family tree. I believe it goes back to the early 1800s but I have not reviewed it.
I appreciate your effort but I believe tracking down Walter English may be too challenging. If any others in this group have ancestors from this part of the country I may be interested in knowing that."

---English participant [29 Dec 2005]

Early Census Data 1810-1840 Westmoreland, VA [Participant #E-0012]
Westmoreland County lies between the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers on a peninsula known as Virginia's Northern Neck. Located halfway between Washington DC and the Chesapeake Bay.
Colonial Period
At the beginning of the Colonial era, Westmoreland was part of Northumberland County, which was created in 1648. Five years later Northumberland was divided and Westmoreland County as we know it today was established.
  no ENGLISH surname listed in the census year in area,
Westmoreland, Virginia
before 1810 census
  Only one ENGLISH family listed this census year in area.
Westmoreland, Virginia
James ENGLISH - [000102001x]
1 m 26-44
2 f under 10
1 f 26-44
  Only one ENGLISH family listed this census year in area.
Westmoreland, VA
James ENGLISH -[400010011100300100000001x]
4 m under 10
1 m 26-45
1 f 10-16
1 f 16-25
1 f 26-40
  Only one ENGLISH family listed this census year in area.
Westmoreland, VA
James ENGLISH -[0122001x-0000001x]
1 m 5-10
2 m 10-15
2 m 15-20
1 m 40-50
1 f 40-50
  Only two ENGLISH families listed this census year in area, father and son.
Westmoreland, VA
James ENGLISH -[00002001x-00000001x]
2 m 20-30
1 m 50-60
1 f 50-60

John ENGLISH -[00001x-1101x]
1 m 20-30
1 f under 5
1 f 5-10
1 f 15-20

  Westmoreland, VA
1850 - 1930 and later
This ENGLISH family continues in area throughout census years.


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