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James English (c.1755 - 1825 AR)
[Participant #E-0003]

James English
(c.1755 - 1825 AR)

married about 1785
TN or NC
Elizabeth [Denton]
(1) William English
(2) James English
(3) Abraham English
(4) Thomas English
(5) John English
(6) Jonas English
(7) Hannah English
(8) Joseph English
(9) Joshua English
(10) Stephen English
(11) Archibald Hicks English

Migration of James English & family
bef. 1755
Place unknown
c.1760s - c.1778
southwestern Virginia
c.1778- c.1784
northeastern Tennessee
c.1784- c.1793
Rutherford-Buncombe Co's., NC (now Transylvania)
c.1797 - c.1799

Grainger Co, TN

c.1800 - c. 1817
Wilson and Warren cos., TN
c.1817 - c.1825
Wayne and Hardin cos., TN
James English died in Arkansas en route to Texas.
aft. 1825
Texas: Red River Co., Panola Co., Shelby Co.
[Participant #E-0003] -- Descendancy and Documentation
  Generation 1:
James English was the son of _____ English

James English was married to Elizabeth [Denton]
birthdate: c.1755
birthplace: English Ferry, New River, Virginia
death: 1825
death place: western Arkansas Territory
burial: unknown
spouse: Elizabeth [Denton]
spouses parents: Jonas Denton & Hannah
spouses birthdate & place: Abt. 1771; English Ferry, New River, Virginia
spouses death date and place: 14 May 1849; Shelby Co., Texas
marriage date: about 1785
marriage place: believed to be Virginia
note: James English "came to Texas in 1825, from Arkansas, to visit with his children and decided to move here. He went back to Arkansas to get his wife Elizabeth, and baby son Archibald, but died while enroute. Elizabeth and Archibald came on to Texas after his death." Source: English Family History as given in 1904 by his grandson James "Blue Jim" English (1840-after 1904), son of Jonas English (1799-1865).
  Generation 2:
William ENGLISH was the son of James English and Elizabeth [Denton]

William ENGLISH was married to 2nd wife Myra [Anderson]
birthdate: about 1787
birthplace: English's Ferry, New River, Va (now, Monroe County, West Virginia)
death: during the winter of 1836-1837 (affadavit of his daughter Murrainey [English] Epps)
death place: Patroon, Shelby County, Texas
spouse: Myra [Anderson]
spouses parents: Wyatt Anderson, Sr. & Nancy McFadden.
spouses birthdate & place: c1802; Kentucky
spouses death date and place: 1864; Panola Co., Texas
marriage date: 1818
marriage place: Pecan Point, Missouri Territory (now, Red River County, Texas)
note: William English married 1st bef. 1808 to Elizabeth Tittle (1787-1812), 3 children; couple divorced 1820 in Tenn.
  Generation 3:
Jon Patroon ENGLISH was the son of William ENGLISH and 2nd wife Myra [Anderson]

Jon Patroon ENGLISH was married to Martha [Sanders]
Jon Patroon ENGLISH
birthdate: 17 Jan 1819
birthplace: Ayish Bayou (Spain) - now, Shelby County, Texas
death: between Dec 26-31, 1876
death place: Panola County, Texas
spouse: Martha [Sanders]
spouses parents:
spouses birthdate & place: 1829; North Carolina
spouses death date and place: 1870; Panola Co., Texas
marriage date: 10 Nov 1840
marriage place: Shelby County, Texas
  Generation 4:
William Wade ENGLISH was the son of Jon Patroon ENGLISH and Martha [Sanders]

William Wade ENGLISH was married to Ione [Anderson]
William Wade ENGLISH
birthdate: 01 Feb 1844
birthplace: Shelby County, Texas
death: 24 Nov 1892
death place: Carthage, Panola County, Texas
burial: Old Anderson Cemetery, Carthage, Panola Co, Texas
spouse: Ione J. [Anderson]
spouses parents: Jonathan Hadley Anderson & ___
spouses birthdate & place: Aug 1846; Carthage, Panola County, TX
spouses death date and place: 27 Aug 1911; Anderson Cemetery, Panola County, TX
marriage date: 24 Jan 1867
marriage place: Panola County, Texas
  Generation 5:
Jesse Bailey ENGLISH was the son of William Wade ENGLISH and Ione [Anderson]

Jesse Bailey ENGLISH was married to Alice L. [Jackson]
Jesse Bailey ENGLISH
birthdate: 01 Feb 1889
birthplace: Panola County, TX
death: 04 Jul 1959
death place: Shelby County, TX
burial: Jackson Cemetery, Joaquin, Shelby County, Texas
spouse: Alice L. [Jackson]
spouses parents: Thomas Washington Jackson & Sarah Ann Rachel
spouses birthdate & place: 21 Dec 1894; TX
spouses death date and place: 03 Jan 1976; Jackson Cem.
marriage date: 12 Nov 1911
marriage place: Shelby County, Texas
  Generation 6:
John H. ENGLISH was the son of Jesse Bailey ENGLISH and Alice L. [Jackson]
  Generation 7:
Participant ENGLISH
[Participant #E-0003] - Additional Information
  Research notes:  
  Richard D. English, wrote these sketches for the "New Handbook of Texas" in 1993:  
  Handbook of Texas Online: English, James [1755-1825]  
  Handbook of Texas Online: English, William  
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  DNA submitted from this line of ENGLISH by these participants:  
  Participant E-0003 (this page)
Participant E-0043
Participant E-0053
Researcher: Mrs Joan Kathryn "Kathye" [Payne] Upham


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