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Aaron English (1828 - 1890)
[Participant #E-0001]

Aaron English
(1828 -1890)

married to
Sarah Ann [Garland]
Children of Aaron & Sarah [Garland] English:
1. Mary Anne ENGLISH
2. William Aaron ENGLISH
3. Jennie ENGLISH
4. Nancy Matilda ENGLISH
5. Samuel Newton ENGLISH
6. John Anderson ENGLISH
7. Elizabeth Aaron ENGLISH
8. Georgia Ann ENGLISH
9. Ida Amelia ENGLISH
10. Lidy L. ENGLISH
11. Willis Russell ENGLISH

Migration of Aaron English & family
by 1828
Mississippi or Alabama USA
29 Oct 1828
Aaron English born in AL or MS
by 1851
Washington Co., Texas
by 1876
Dime Box, Lee Co., Texas
by 1905
desc. Willis Russell English in Milam Co., Texas
[Participant #E-0001] -- Descendancy and Documentation
  Generation 1:
Aaron English was the son of _____ English

Aaron English was married to Sarah Ann [Garland]
birthdate: 29 Oct 1828
birthplace: Alabama (or Mississippi reported in 1870 census)
death: 15 Apr 1890
death place: Wimberly, Hays Co., Texas
burial: Jacobs Well Cemetery, Hays Co., Texas
spouse: Sarah Ann 'Sally' [Garland]
spouses parents: Joseph Garland & Matilda Lane
spouses birthdate & place: 18 Nov 1833; Illinois
spouses death date and place: 25 Jun 1917; Austin, Travis Co., Texas
spouses burial: Jacobs Well Cemetery, Hays Co., Texas
marriage date: 1850
marriage place: Washington Co., Texas
  Generation 2:
Willis Russell English was the son of Aaron English and wife Sarah Ann [Garland]

Willis Russell English was married to Ann Elizabeth [Mason]
Willis Russell ENGLISH
birthdate: 08 Jul 1876
birthplace: Dime Box, Lee Co., Texas
death: 04 Oct 1943
death place: Rockdale, Milam Co., Texas
burial: Hamilton Chapel Cemetery, Milam Co., Texas
spouse: Ann Elizabeth [Mason]
spouses parents: William M. Mason & Nancy Malinda Dement
spouses birthdate & place: 4 Jan 1884; Caldwell, Burleson Co, Texas
spouses death date and place: 31 Jul 1980; Lake Charles, Calcasieu Par, LA
spouses burial: Hamilton Chapel Cemetery, Milam Co., Texas
marriage date: 26 Mar 1905
marriage place: Rockdale, Milam Co., Texas
  Generation 3:
Willis Eugene English was the son of Willis Russell English and wife Ann Elizabeth [Mason]

Willis Eugene English was married to Anna Belle [Sibley]
Willis Eugene ENGLISH
birthdate: 28 Mar
birthplace: Rockdale, Milam Co, TX
death: 09 Feb
death place: TX
burial: LA
spouse: Anna Belle [Sibley]
spouses parents: George Washington Sibley & Clara Belle Williams
spouses birthdate & place: 14 May; LA
spouses death date and place: 13 Dec.; LA
spouses burial: LA
marriage date:
marriage place:
[Participant #E-0001] - Additional Information
  Aaron English was likely born in Alabama, died in Wimberly, Hays Co., Texas.  No connection to the few other English families that were in Texas during the early 1850's has been established. Aaron English purchased land (documented) in Austin Co., Texas on 2 Jan 1854, but is believed to have been in Texas before this time.  Between 1874-1880 he came to Hays Co., TX from Lee Co., TX.  He was married before 1850 to Sarah Ann Garland, date and place unknown. She was born 1833 in Illinois, was in St. Francis Co., Arkansas before 1937 with parents.  The couple had 11 children born between 1851 and 1876.  
  <> more about this family at this link (offsite):  


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